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Thin Magnetic Sheeting

Thin adhesive magnets deliver the performance and reliability needed to suspend countless paper products, photos and even lightweight objects onto any magnetic surface. With high-quality magnet sheets from Magnum Magnetics, you'll experience strength and longevity like never before.

Magnum offers 0.012-inch thin printable magnetic sheeting and rolls perfect for direct mail and phone book magnets. Our thin printable magnetic sheeting can be customized to your specifications, from paper to vinyl to polypropylene, whatever your printing needs. These paper-thin magnets are available in rolls or cut sheets and can be magnetized or unmagnetized.

Common Applications of Thin Adhesive Magnets

Our thin magnetic paper products are optimized for use across practically any industry, from advertising to retail to engineering. These versatile materials deliver unmatched flexibility and strength, leading to limitless possibilities for creativity and innovation.

 When you purchase magnetic sheeting from Magnum Magnetics, you can use it for any of the following applications:

  • Automobile signage
  • Bin markers
  • Crafts
  • Graphics
  • Hand lettering
  • Die-cutting
  • Hobbies
  • Architectural signage
  • Hot stamping
  • Display boards
  • Menu boards
  • Advertising specialties

Thin Printable Magnetic Sheeting Specifications

Our thin adhesive magnets feature pliable, high-strength thermoplastic construction and a high-intensity, multi-pole magnetic arrangement that allows for a compact structure without sacrificing magnetic field strength. These robust, reliable magnetic sheets exercise superior holding power on most metallic surfaces using standard magnetization on the non-laminated side.

Magnum brand sheeting is designed to lay flat and is available in white matte vinyl, high gloss vinyl, uncoated and indoor adhesive configurations. These sheets also exhibit excellent print quality on various materials, including screen, digital, flexo, hot stamp, litho, inkjet and offset. 

Thin magnetic paper from Magnum Magnetics is designed to meet your needs with all of the following product options:

  • Custom-length rolls
  • Numerous adhesive options
  • Gloss, matte and color options
  • Paper, vinyl and specialty film varieties
  • Custom shapes and sizes
  • Slitting, punching and die-cutting options
  • Standard roll lengths of 25, 50, 100 and 200 feet
  • Standard roll widths up to 24 3/8 inches

The Benefits of Strong Paper-Thin Magnets

Purchasing thin magnetic sheeting for your business means experiencing a variety of benefits:

  • Adaptability: We offer many customizable options for our paper-thin magnets. You can modify your purchase to match your individualized needs, giving you the flexibility and creative liberty to achieve the best results for your applications.
  • Speed: Our magnetic paper products are easy to install in minutes.
  • Ease of use: With our adhesive magnets, you'll enjoy simple, straightforward use designed for anyone.

Why Choose Magnum Magnetics for Thin Magnetic Paper?

As the largest and most trusted magnet manufacturer in the United States, Magnum Magnetics is your destination for reliable magnet solutions. We put in the time, effort and extensive testing necessary to produce flexible magnets that meet our superior quality standards while offering competitive prices and unbeatable customer service. Our products have the strength and versatility needed to serve customers across all industries.

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