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DigiMag Duplex

DigiMag® Duplex Two-Sided Printable Magnetic Sheets

Printable magnets are one of the best ways to display advertisements, messages, and more. With DigiMag Duplex magnetic sheeting from Magnum Magnetics®, you get a product that supports printing on both sides for twice as much space. DigiMag Duplex works with digital presses and is the perfect size for mailing with the U.S. Postal Service. See how this product can deliver better results for your customers.

Versatile Printable Double Sided Magnetic Sheets

DigiMag Duplex offers two printable surfaces on one magnet. You can use this magnetic sheeting in your commercial digital presses to print high-quality graphics, branding, and other details on one side. You can then use the other side to deliver additional or complementary information without crowding out the original design.

This double-faced feature makes DigiMag Duplex the perfect printable magnetic sheeting for a wide range of direct-mail applications. These include printing magnetic postcards, sports schedules, calendars, and many other direct-mail products

DigiMag Duplex Details and Specifications

DigiMag Duplex features high-quality, printable matte white polypropylene surfaces separated by a lightweight, flexible unmagnetized magnet. You can print on both sides in a single pass while enjoying excellent ink adhesion and superior image quality.

Sheets are sold unmagnetized so that it feeds through your press effectively. Magnetize post-press on one side of the sheet only; you choose the side and use magnetizers from Magnum Magnetics to make it a magnet.

This material is easy to work with and will load smoothly onto most machines. You can cut it, perforate it or put it through a die-cutting procedure to produce a double-sided magnet in shapes that fit whatever design you need to create.

Each sheet of DigiMag Duplex measures 12" x 18" (304.8 mm x 457.2 mm), is .016" (.40 mm) thick with a tolerance of +/- .002" (+/- .05 mm), and weighs 0.3 lbs (0.1 kg). The typical magnetic pull strength is 20 lbs/ft² once magnetized using a 16ppi magnetizer for sale or lease from Magnum Magnetics.

Your Partner for Superior Flexible Magnetics Solutions

DigiMag Duplex — and all the products we produce — are manufactured 100% in the USA. Our company is wholly committed to delivering products you can depend on to create the durable and attractive magnets your customers want. We help ensure this by using the best raw materials and consistent production processes and holding every item that leaves our factory locations to the highest quality standards.

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