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Magnum Magnetics builds magnetizers to order in-house to magnetize our material post-print.

With printing directly to magnetic media, the question has always been how to run the material through your offsetflexo, or digital press and have a magnetized finished product.

We have developed a magnetizer solution to answer this question. Magnum Magnetics has a magnetizing solution for you, whether you are running high-volume projects or short-run sign jobs.

Magnetizer Machine Options

  • Handheld – Our handheld, non-motorized magnetizer is designed to provide an alternative for low-volume and occasional jobs. This lightweight, durable magnetizer in a non-metallic housing will allow you to magnetize your magnetic sheeting after printing or lettering.


  • In-line Magnetization - Magnum Magnetics can also offer a magnetizing solution for all your in-line printing needs. Each of these systems is designed and custom-built for your particular process. Please contact us to discuss this opportunity.


  • Industrial: We offer industrial magnetizers ideal for companies that regularly perform volume jobs. These economical, low-maintenance solutions deliver reliable operation with easy manual feeding.

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Advantages of Post-Printing

Post-printing is the process of magnetizing materials after they've been printed. You can post-print unmagnetized media just as you would print on any vinyl substrate or thick plastic. The only step that differs is the finishing process, where you feed the material through a machine that magnetizes it.

Our cutting-edge magnetizers are designed to facilitate post-printing operations for projects ranging from simple to complex. These magnetizers deliver all of the following benefits:

  • Eliminates stacking: Running magnetized media through a press comes with the risk of stacking, which is when magnetic sheets stick together and jam the machine. Post-printing using a magnetizer offers a reliable solution to this issue.
  • Increases product options: Magnetizing materials post-print enables you to use a comprehensive selection of printable and flexible magnetic materials, maximizing your finished product options.
  • Grants end-to-end control: When you use magnetizers for post-printing, you eliminate the need to outsource print jobs, allowing you to perform them in-house from start to finish.
  • Minimizes resource requirements: Post-printing your materials means you won't have to invest in solutions like transfer sheets and other associated equipment.

How Our Magnitizers Work

Our magnetizer selection includes four primary devices designed with different capabilities in mind. Each magnetizer functions differently based on its intended purpose:

  • Portable: This small, lightweight desktop magnetizer magnetizes entire sheets at a time at speeds of 50 to 60 feet per minute (fpm). All you have to do is plug it in and feed the media through the machine using the integrated feed tray and guide to ensure consistent results.
  • Handheld: Our handheld magnetizers are battery-operated and magnetize 6-inch-wide swaths per pass. Simply drag the magnetizer down the magnetic side of the printed material.
  • In-line: When you use an automated in-line magnetizer, it will match the speed of your press based on your individualized print production workflow.
  • Industrial: You can install your motorized magnetizer in-line on a conveyor belt or offline to function as a separate workstation, depending on your needs. This friction-fed solution facilitates the manual material feeding process and can magnetize 20-millimeter-thick sheets at up to 70 fpm.

Applications of Industrial Magnetizer Machines

Whatever your application needs, we have a magnetizer that can deliver. You can use our solutions to produce all of the following products:

  • Portable: Portable magnetizers can digitally print business cards, photo magnets, calendars, and high-strength car sign magnets.
  • Handheld: You can use our handheld magnetizers to generate high-quality printed refrigerator magnets for your customers.
  • In-line: We custom-build our in-line magnetizers to fulfill your specific application and process needs.
  • Industrial: Our industrial magnetizers process cut sheets of magnetic metal.

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If you're looking to invest in innovative and efficient magnetizers, choose Magnum Magnetics. We're proud to offer our customers high-strength, American-made magnet solutions at the most competitive prices. Our team sets itself apart by producing top-quality products using flexible magnetic materials vigorously tested for toy safety standard compliance.

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