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DigiMaxx® Wide-Format Magnetic Sheets

DigiMaxx is a super-wide magnet for printing large-scale, high-quality images. These extra-wide magnetic sheets suit a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. They're also compatible with machines from virtually all the top brands and will function well using a selection of ink types, including solvent, eco-solvent, ultraviolet (UV), and latex. Talk to our experts to determine the correct size and thickness of DigiMaxx wide magnetic paper for your needs.

Wide-Format Magnetic Paper for Commercial Printing Applications

DigiMaxx magnetic sheets from Magnum Magnetics® are versatile products. The size and quality make this wide magnetic paper the preferred solution for creating an array of different marketing and promotional products, including:

  • Menu boards.
  • Retail signage.
  • Visual merchandising.
  • Point-of-purchase (POP) displays.

You can use DigiMaxx extra-wide magnetic sheets to print virtually any large, magnetized interior signage your customer requests. This inkjet printable magnetic media is also easy to cut, making it a perfect material for high-yield printing of smaller designs in batch quantities for sale or distribution.

DigiMaxx Specifications

DigiMaxx is designed for wide-format printers. We manufacture this product in 40" and 48" standard widths, with custom sizes available upon request. You can order it in 25- or 50-ft. rolls or have us break it down into bulk quantities on skids or pre-cut sheets.

Different thicknesses are available to match your needs and equipment. Our .017" (.43 mm), .020" (.51 mm), and .032" (.81 mm) DigiMaxx types feature magnetic pulls rated at 40, 60, and 90 lbs/ft² (respectively), with corresponding increases in product weight. Matte and gloss finishes are available.

Additional specifications include:

  • Suitable for cutting, die-cutting, and perforation
  • Compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, latex, and ultraviolet (UV) inks
  • Smooth feeding and printing on UV flatbed and other wide-format printers

The Advantages of DigiMaxx Wide Magnetic Paper

DigiMaxx represents the latest in printable magnetic technology. It's designed and manufactured in the USA, produced using the finest raw materials, and extensively tested to ensure superior quality and reliable consistency every time you print a design. As an added benefit, it's pre-magnetized at the factory, so you can start printing right away.

Some other advantages you'll get when you use DigiMaxx inkjet media include:

  • Excellent workability.
  • Superior image quality.
  • Unmatched ink adhesion.

The Benefits of Partnering With Magnum Magnetics®

Partnering with Magnum Magnetics for your wide-format magnetic paper ensures you'll get a quality and affordable product backed by expert support. We are the largest manufacturer of flexible magnetic solutions in the country. Our company develops premier products you can count on and helps you stay productive with rapid, 24-hour fulfillment on most orders.

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