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Magnum Magnetics Die Cut - Custom Die Cut Magnet

Custom Die-Cut Magnets

Die-cut magnets are the easiest, most effective, and most entertaining ways to increase brand awareness. These products let you show off your company logo and information on colorful magnets cut into eye-catching shapes.

Magnum Magnetics manufactures strong, flexible magnetic sheeting for die-cut magnet printing. We have several standard shapes for you to choose from, and we can also create die-cut magnetic signs in custom designs.

Typical Applications for Die-Cut Magnets

Die-cut magnets easily apply and reapply on refrigerators and other magnetized surfaces, letting you place your logo and other important details where they'll be seen. You can also use them to advertise temporary promotions and create retail collectibles and novelties.

Some of the most common ways to use die-cut magnets include making:

Our Die-Cut Magnet Specifications

Our product catalog includes six standard magnet designs with preexisting shapes and dimensions. The magnets in our standard product line are white and coated with a matte vinyl finish. We cut them from magnetic slabs and sell them by the carton. Slab and piece counts vary depending on the design.

The profiles in our standard line all measure .020 inches (.051 millimeters) thick. Available options include:

Magnum Magnetics Business Card MagnetsMagnum Magnetics Flexible Magnets for refrigeratorsMagnum Magnetics Telephone Shape Die-cutMagnum Magnetics Delivery Van Shape Die-cutMagnum Magnetics Photo Frame Shape Die-cutMagnum Magnetics Number One Shape Die-cut

  • Business Card
  • House
  • Telephone
  • Delivery Van
  • Photo Frame
  • Number One

Custom shape die-cut magnets are also available. We can manufacture your magnets in virtually any form you need, including hearts, molars, and adhesive bandages. Thicknesses range from .008 inches (.20 millimeters) to .060 inches (1.52 millimeters), and you can choose from a range of colors, including blue, green, red, black, yellow, orange, silver, and gold. We also offer paper and non-top-coated vinyl laminates.

The Benefits of Our Standard and Custom Shape Die-Cut Magnets

Our die-cut magnets will help you capture new customers, improve brand awareness and drive repeat orders. To give you consistent results, we control every step of production, including manufacturing the magnetic sheeting, producing the die, and cutting the shapes.

One-color spot printing is also available on all designs. We can print your information using colors developed by the Pantone Matching System (PMS) or one of the standard options we offer. You can choose black, white, yellow or red.

The Advantages of Choosing Magnum Magnetics

Partnering with Magnum Magnetics for your die-cut magnets offers advantages regardless of how you plan to use them. With over 30 years of industry experience and a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction, we're the go-to choice for flexible magnetic solutions. You can count on our team for knowledgeable guidance for your die-cut magnet printing.

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