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Refrigerator Magnets

Refrigerator magnets have been around for decades and offer a great advertising opportunity for your brand. With custom refrigerator magnet printing, you can easily display your company's logo, graphics, and information in a simple and eye-catching format to increase brand awareness and gain more customers. To secure these marketing solutions, you'll need to go through a company that can reliably die-cut refrigerator magnets with optimal precision.

At Magnum Magnetics, we can manufacture flexible magnetic materials perfect for refrigerators. Our customization processes allow us to produce heavy-duty magnets of many different sizes and shapes using various materials. Our superior quality and competitive pricing make us an undisputed industry leader.

Refrigerator Magnet Uses

The number of uses for refrigerator magnets is nearly unlimited. Someone might use a magnet as an artsy decoration to spice up their kitchen area. At the same time, another person might place a magnet on their refrigerator as a reminder of a vacation spot. Others might use a refrigerator magnet to hold a piece of nonmagnetic paper in place for all to see. 

Whatever the application, custom flexible refrigerator magnets will make themselves seen and leave a lasting impression on those who view them.

Some of the specific uses of refrigerator magnets include:

  • Marketing and sales promotions.
  • Teaching aids.
  • Arts and crafts.
  • Souvenirs.
  • Calendars.
  • Reminders.
  • Business cards.
  • Event schedules.
  • Displays.
  • Novelties.
  • Hobbies.
  • Save-the-dates.

While many individuals display refrigerator magnets for personal purposes, these products have become a popular advertising solution for commercial businesses. Advertising with heavy-duty refrigerator magnets is popular because magnets are durable and inexpensive. They allow organizations to print and showcase identifying elements of their brands, such as logos, fonts, graphics, colors, and slogans and put them in the hands of potential customers.

Some people leave magnets on their refrigerators for many years at a time. Magnetic business cards are a productive way for businesses to keep their name fresh in the minds of their customers while providing them with contact information they can use to inquire about products and services.

Types of Magnets for a Refrigerator

Many of our different types of magnetic materials work well for refrigerators. Our manufacturing process allows us to die-cut magnets in multiple shapes and sizes, including materials ranging from .008-.060 inches thick. Materials are available in strips, sheets, and extrusion forms.

We can print refrigerator magnets with our stock in black, white, red, yellow, or other PMS color options. 


We offer numerous die-cutting services for refrigerator magnets, including standard and custom die-cuts. You can choose from our pre-cut flexible magnetic shapes for fridges, including houses, telephones, number ones, photo frames, delivery vans, and business cards. We can also manufacture a shape individualized to your specifications.

Our standard die-cut refrigerator magnets are white with a matte vinyl finish. Color options for our custom refrigerator magnets include red, blue, yellow, green, orange, silver, gold, and black. We also offer non-top-coated vinyl and paper laminates.


Our strong and flexible magnetic strips are ideal for applications ranging from advertising to messaging to labeling. These heavy-duty strips are optimized to deliver long-term performance and dependability in various environments with limited exposure to extreme temperatures. 

Strip refrigerator magnets are easy to update, switch out, and pose a cost-effective solution for your individualized requirements. They're available in plain configurations or with different surfaces, such as vinyl, foam, or adhesive.


You can purchase refrigerator magnets in our plain magnetic sheeting option. This product features a magnetic paper that offers a simple, easy-to-use solution for posting announcements, greetings, prices, and other key business information. We also provide customized sheeting to meet your individualized needs, with options like lamination and custom magnetizing.


Our custom magnetic extrusions are reliable and reusable methods for mounting advertisements and manufacturing commercial goods. We make our extrusions from premium raw materials with several material options of varying strengths. You can also choose how thick you'd like your magnets and select custom pole configurations and adhesive options.

The Benefits of Strong Magnets for Your Refrigerator

If you plan on using our strong magnets as marketing tools, you can distribute them to new or existing customers so they can keep your contact information readily available. Our customization process lets you create a company message to improve your brand's awareness and drive repeat orders.

We offer refrigerator magnets in several popular die-cut shapes:

  • Houses
  • Telephones
  • Delivery trucks
  • Photo frames
  • Business cards

For the most impact, choose a shape that applies to the kind of work you do. Whatever you choose, our highly advanced manufacturing process ensures smooth cutting and printing for each piece.

Some of the many benefits you'll experience when you order die-cut refrigerator magnets to advertise your brand include:

  • Versatility: Refrigerator magnets can adhere to more than just refrigerators. They're also useful for other magnetic surfaces like lockers and vehicles, enabling you to advertise anywhere with minimal effort.
  • Cost-efficiency: Custom refrigerator magnets are an accessible, low-cost investment that's highly effective.
  • Visibility: Heavy-duty magnets attract customers' attention using eye-catching colors and logos and make it easy to reach out to businesses.
  • Distribution: You can efficiently distribute refrigerator magnets to your target market by placing them in shopping bags, sending them by mail, handing them out manually, or setting them at point-of-sale counters.
  • Durability: Due to their robust material composition, refrigerator magnets are durable and long-lasting.

Why Partner With Magnum Magnetics?

For over 30 years, Magnum Magnetics has provided a long list of customers with superior, cost-effective magnet solutions for their businesses. Our refrigerator magnets are just one example of our many lines of flexible magnetic products. Our experienced customer service and design teams are ready to help you begin your design today.

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