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Adhesive Magnetic Business Cards

Stick to your customers!

Magnetic Business Cards

Advertise your business with creative and functional magnets your customers will see and enjoy. Promotional business card magnets are a fun and cost-effective way to spread brand awareness. Magnum Magnetics® has the options, skills, and capabilities to help you take full advantage of everything these products offer.

We currently have a few options for magnetic business cards: 

  • Adhesive business card magnets: Attach your business card to one of our adhesive-backed business card magnets that fits your card's dimensions.  
  • Screen-printed magnetic cards: We can print your business card onto one of our magnets without using adhesive. 
  • DigiMag printer cards: Using a desktop printer, you can print your design directly onto our DigiMag paper cards. 

Where to Use Promotional Business Card Magnets

Magnetic business cards are for indoor use and will adhere to most magnetic surfaces. They're affordable, will avoid damaging surfaces, and are easy to apply, providing you with countless creative applications to put your company logo, message, and contact information in front of more potential customers.

Some of the most common applications for magnetic business cards include using them:

  • As gifts.
  • In mailers.
  • In packaging.
  • On refrigerators.
  • In restroom stalls.
  • At office buildings.
  • In small businesses.
  • Instead of paper cards.

Key Specifications for Our Printable Magnetic Business Cards

Our business cards are manufactured using a die-cutting process and printed on matte white vinyl. They are produced on sheets measuring 7" by 10" (177.8 mm by 254 mm). Standard measurements include a 2" (50.8 mm) height, 3 1/2" (88.9 mm) width, and .020" (.51 mm) thickness. 200 sheets come up to a carton.

Each magnetic business card sheet is enough material for 10 magnetic business cards. Custom sizes and colors are available. You can also choose a custom thickness, with options ranging from .008" (.20 mm) to .060" (1.52 mm). The order quantity will change with different business card dimensions.

The Benefits of Magnetic Business Cards

Using self-adhesive business card magnets to promote your company offers several significant advantages over traditional cards and other marketing materials. These are benefits you can take advantage of regardless of your business size or industry:

  • Simple distribution: Magnetic business cards are easy to carry in your pocket, bag, or briefcase. You can quickly hand one out to a customer or prospective client in passing without making a fuss.
  • High visibility: Magnetic business card sheets will last for years. People will see them every time they open the refrigerator or pass them elsewhere, improving your per-impression cost every time.
  • Practical functionality: While traditional cards often get forgotten, magnets are valuable items. You'll be giving your customers something they can use to organize their lives and decorate their property.

Why Order Custom Business Card Magnets From Us?

Magnum Magnetics is The Force in Flexible Magnetics®. We are the leading manufacturer of flexible magnets in the country and produce all our products here in the USA. We use only the highest-quality raw materials and state-of-the-art production processes to ensure our products match your requirements and meet or beat all your expectations.

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