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Magnum Magnetics Motorized Industrial Magnetizers

We will work with you to find the magnetizing solution that is best for your project. Please contact us to discuss your special requirements.

Magnetization Options for Flexible Magnet

Magnum Magnetics® offers custom magnetization on our magnetic material to fit any application.

We normally use a multi-pole magnetization method for standard energy or MuscleMag® high energy magnetic sheeting, magnetic strip, and extruded magnets. These standard magnetization processes work well for most projects. We can, however, offer the following custom magnetization options when special requirements or unique applications arise:

  • Two poles on each face of the magnet
  • Changing the number of poles in the standard multi-pole method
  • Magnetizing material on both sides
  • Match pole
  • Single pole through the thickness
  • Unmagnetized – ask us about our magnetizers

Please contact us to discuss your special magnetization needs!

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