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Muscle Mag Magnet

MuscleMag® Thin Printable Magnetic Sheets for Cars

Expand your product offerings using your latex, digital or wide-format inkjet press to create strong car sign magnets using Magnum's MuscleMag high-energy printable magnetic material. MuscleMag printable magnets are specially formulated to be very thin to allow for smooth feeding and easy cutting while having stronger holding power than a refrigerator magnet. MuscleMag is perfect for vehicle signage and other signage and graphics applications that require thin but strong magnet material.

Benefits of Printable Magnetic Sheets

Your customers are likely interested in using printable magnetic sheets for cars or other displays because magnets are:

  • Eye-catching: Professionals can transform a plain work van, food truck, or company car into an eye-catching display with an automotive magnetic sheet. Companies can use their logo, signature colors, fonts, and custom graphics to show what they do and share their contact information. Being able to grab attention and show off your branding everywhere you drive or park is a great way to increase brand awareness.
  • Cost-effective: Outfitting a vehicle with a printed magnet is also a cost-effective option for anyone who wants to maximize their advertising impact on a budget. Car advertising magnets tend to be far more affordable than custom paint jobs. Research also shows that out-of-home (OOH) advertising produces a higher return on investment than many other advertising types. Advertising with a vehicle is a form of OOH that can help you maximize your exposure over time with just one upfront cost.
  • Removable: An advantage of magnetic sheets over adhesive wraps and decals is that you can easily reposition them, remove them and replace them as needed. MuscleMag has strong holding power, but when you want to move it, you can. Some professionals may want to change out magnetic displays seasonally or use some displays temporarily to advertise promotions, holding onto the magnet for the next time they run that same special.
  • Weatherable: Magnum flexible magnetic sheeting is also durable and can withstand the elements. That's a quality all customers should look for in magnetic sheeting they plan to install on a vehicle or in any outdoor location. Our material continues to perform well even in snow, sleet, or rain. It can even withstand temperatures to extremes of negative 15 degrees Fahrenheit and 160 degrees Fahrenheit. You can further improve weatherability by adding a UV coating to protect the ink.

MuscleMag Specifications

Magnum offers two standard varieties of its printable, high-energy magnet media, with custom material available upon request:

MuscleMag Inkjet for Inkjet Presses

If you want to run your magnetic material through an inkjet printer, you should choose our MuscleMag Inkjet for Inkjet Presses. This product comes fully magnetized, so it's ready to go as soon as you print on it. A few other specifications to note about this product is that it:

  • It is printable on a variety of Solvent, Eco-solvent, UV, and Latex inkjet printers, including Roland®, Mutoh®, Epson®, Oce®, Hewlett Packard®, and Mimaki®.
  • Is packaged in rolls.
  • Comes in 15 mil (.38 mm) and 30 mil (.72 mm) thicknesses.
  • Is available in both matte and gloss finishes.
  • Has a minimum magnetic pull of 65 lbs/ft2 (293 kg/m2) or 150 lbs/ft2 (732 kg/m2).

MuscleMag Digital for Digital Presses

The MuscleMag Digital: for digital printers, you need our MuscleMag Digital for Digital Presses. The main distinction between this product and the previous one is that this material is provided unmagnetized. You can magnetize the material post-press with one of Magnum’s patented magnetizing solutions.

  • It is printable on various digital presses, including HP Indigo®, Xerox iGen®, Kodak NexPress®, and more.
  • Is packaged in sheets.
  • Has a total thickness of 17 mil (.43 mm).
  • Comes in a matte polypropylene finish.
  • Offers a minimum magnetic pull of 75 lbs/ft2 (366 kg/m2).
  • It is non-toxic

Expand Your Offerings With Blank Magnetic Sheets for Cars From Magnum Magnetics

Help business owners in your area advertise their products and services with printed magnetic sheets for their vehicles. Whether you have an inkjet or digital press, you can use Magnum's MuscleMag material to print custom magnetic graphics that will impress your customers. Please contact us for more information or product recommendations for your application or request product information.

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