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Magnetic Product Customization

Custom Magnet

As the manufacturer, we can produce flexible magnets to various customer specifications, including custom widths, thicknesses, printable surfaces, other laminates, packaging configurations, and more. All of our flexible magnets are manufactured in the U.S.A., giving us complete control over the content of our products and allowing us to deliver finished custom magnets in days, not months.

Product Development

Magnum is committed to innovation, product development, and continuous product improvement. We understand the need to continually introduce new flexible magnetic materials to the market to develop new technology and novel applications. Our product development team meets regularly to discuss new product requests and opportunities.

Special Magnetization

We can offer custom magnetization or our flexible magnetic material to fit any application or customer requirement. Although our standard magnetization works well for most projects, we don't shy away from special requirements or novel applications. We will work with you to find the best magnetizing solution for your project.

Custom Packaging and Private Labeling

We provide a full range of custom packaging or custom configurations for our products by request. Our processes allow us to package and label your material to your specifications at our factory, saving you time and reducing handling. We also have experienced private labeling for some of North America's largest retailers.



Stock and Hold

Allow us to improve your cash flow and free up your floor space by setting up a Stock and Hold agreement. We will work with you to determine the stock level you want. Then we will manufacture the desired inventory of your magnetic material, store it, manage it, and automatically replenish it for you.

Order Fulfillment

We offer several order fulfillment options for our flexible magnet products, including multiple shipping addresses per order, drop shipping, blind shipments, multiple releases per order, product labeling, palletizing, and packing customizations, and the ability to specify your preferred method of shipment and carrier.

24-hour Turnaround

Because all our flexible magnets are made in the USA, we can offer lead times that are tough for the competition to beat. Depending on order volume and shipping lanes, we can often deliver 24-hour turnaround on many of our most popular products, which we keep in stock.


Production / Processing

Back Printing

Magnum can back-print our magnetic sheeting with a 1-color spot illustration or company logo to help you advertise your message and brand. Customers often consider back printing as a way to drive repeat orders; increase brand awareness; and produce premium, customer-specific magnets.

Back Coating

The back coating will help eliminate blocking issues that are sometimes experienced on long rolls of plain magnets or thick stacks of cut sheets. Magnum Magnetics will back coat our magnetic sheeting upon request using a coating that testing shows meet recognized toy safety standards.

Die Cutting

We offer pre-cut flexible magnetic shapes in six popular profiles, and we can manufacture virtually any shape of die-cut magnets you specify. Use die-cut flexible magnets for advertising specialties such as refrigerator magnets, business card magnets, calendars, collectibles, craft magnets, displays, hobbies, novelties, reminders, sales promotions, sports schedules, and much more!

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