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High-energy magnetic inkjet printable magnetic sheets | MuscleMag Digital

High-energy magnetic inkjet printable sheets | MuscleMag Digital

In the ever-evolving world of digital printing, Magnum’s MuscleMag® Digital represents a groundbreaking advancement in magnetic sheeting technology. This high-energy printable magnetic material is specifically designed for use with digital presses, offering unparalleled strength, durability, and versatility for a wide range of applications. By integrating MuscleMag Digital into your production line, you unlock a plethora of creative possibilities, transforming ordinary digital outputs into captivating, strong car sign magnets and more. With its unique properties, MuscleMag Digital not only enhances the quality of your products but also broadens your market reach by catering to diverse needs.

MuscleMag Digital: A Synthesis of Innovation and Versatility

At the heart of MuscleMag Digital’s success is its innovative design. This high-performance magnetic material is engineered to be thin enough for hassle-free feeding through most digital presses, yet it doesn’t compromise on magnetic strength. Its exceptional thinness facilitates easy cutting and handling, streamlining the production process from start to finish. What sets MuscleMag Digital apart is its superior magnetic pull, significantly outperforming traditional refrigerator magnets. This leap in magnetic technology not only raises the bar for magnetic materials but also opens up new creative and commercial avenues.

Broadening Horizons: Diverse Applications of MuscleMag® Digital

The true potential of MuscleMag Digital lies in its versatility. Designed to cater to a wide array of applications, it is the ideal choice for:

  • Outdoor and Indoor Signage: From promotional banners to informative signs and decorative elements, MuscleMag Digital ensures your message stands out, regardless of the setting.
  • Graphics Applications: Push the boundaries of creativity with customizable magnetic graphics that adhere flawlessly to any ferromagnetic surface, offering boundless opportunities for branding and personalization.
  • Vehicle Signage: MuscleMag Digital allows for the creation of vibrant, enduring car sign magnets that can endure outdoor conditions, effectively turning any vehicle into a dynamic advertisement.

MuscleMag Digital Specifications: Crafted for Superior Performance

MuscleMag Digital’s excellence is not just in its application but also in its specifications:

  • Compatibility: It is compatible with a multitude of digital presses, such as HP Indigo®, Xerox iGen®, and Kodak NexPress®, making it a versatile option for various printing setups.
  • Thickness: The material’s 17 mil (.43 mm) thickness strikes the perfect balance between pliability and robustness.
  • Magnetic Pull: Boasting a magnetic pull of at least 75 lbs/ft² (366 kg/m²), MuscleMag Digital ensures that your creations remain securely in place.
  • Magnetization: For convenience, MuscleMag Digital comes unmagnetized, facilitating smoother printing. It can be easily magnetized post-press using Magnum’s proprietary solutions, readying it to captivate and engage your audience.

Seizing Opportunities with MuscleMag Digital

MuscleMag Digital is not merely a product; it’s a catalyst for growth and innovation in the business of digital printing. Its ease of use, combined with unmatched holding power and compatibility with leading digital presses, renders it an indispensable tool for businesses eager to distinguish their offerings. By embracing the strengths of MuscleMag Digital, you can bring your creative visions to light and explore new horizons in the magnetic signage and graphics market. This magnetic sheeting revolution not only promises enhanced product quality but also opens the door to new creative and commercial possibilities.

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