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Adhesive Stick On Magnets 

Though standard magnets have proven useful for many applications, there are some instances where they need to make the cut. For example, if you're looking to manufacture a folder with a magnetic seal, you'll need something that'll stick to one side of the envelope and magnetically attach to the other. In these cases, you'll need strong self-adhesive magnets to get the job done in these cases.

An adhesive magnet is a flexible magnetic material available in several forms, including extrusions, sheets, and strips. They have adhesive surfaces and are standard or custom manufactured to meet specific usage and processing requirements. You can use a permanent adhesive magnet for signage, printing, fastening, and holding applications. They are lightweight, flexible, and well-suited for decorating and display purposes. Unlike stick bar magnets, adhesive magnet sheets are powerful enough to adhere perfectly to metal surfaces but are not strong enough to damage electrical equipment they are near.

At Magnum Magnetics, we carry laminated adhesive magnets for sale that set the standard for dependability and affordability. We put time and effort into ensuring that our products exhibit the utmost quality and durability using extensive testing and quality control measures. Our products feature customizable options that you can use to tailor them to your exact specifications.

Common Applications of Thin Stick-on Magnets

Our self-adhesive magnets are suitable for applications across numerous industries, including advertising, engineering, retail, and signs and graphics. Because these flexible magnetic materials are optimized for strength, longevity, and versatility, they offer endless possibilities for your business. 

Some of the many innovative functions of our stick-on magnetics include:

Adhesive magnets and be used to create and enhance the following types of advertising and promotional material:

  • Displays
  • Printing
  • Sales promotions
  • Point-of-purchase (POP) displays
  • Surface-mount signs
  • Posters
  • Graphics

Around the House
These everyday items can be optimized with adhesive magnets for display, organization, and function purposes:

  • Crafts
  • Collectible
  • Novelties
  • Craft displays
  • Doodle boards
  • Toys
  • Games
  • Decorative magnets
  • Portraits

Restaurants and Business
Restaurants and businesses can make use of adhesive magnets for:

  • Menu boards
  • Message boards
  • Business cards
  • Floor signs
  • Vehicle signage
  • Exhibit booths
  • Fastening devices
  • Assembly devices

Schools and Office Blocks
Schools and office blocks can use adhesive magnets for a lot of different functionalities, such as:

  • Nameplates
  • Schedule boards
  • Planning boards
  • Teaching aids
  • Architectural signage
  • Bin markers
  • Display boards
  • Reminder
  • Sports schedules
  • Instruction boards

People can customize gifts using adhesive magnets in a multitude of ways, including:

  • Hobbies
  • Calendars
  • Hot stamping
  • Hand lettering
  • Die-cutting

Adhesive Magnet Specifications

Magnetic tapes and sheets, like our adhesive magnets, are flexible materials that adhere to both flat and curved ferrous surfaces. One side of the sheet contains millions of magnetized steel particles, while the other has a smooth adhesive laminate coating. You can cut our stick-on magnets into any shape with tools like scissors and utility knives.

Adhesive magnet sheets have a working temperature between -4 and 185 degrees Fahrenheit. Store these products at room temperature in a dry, dust-free environment for the best results.

The Benefits of Strong, Self-Adhesive Magnets

benefits of adhesive magnets

Thin stick-on magnets are simple solutions that come with a multitude of benefits. When you invest in adhesive magnets to serve your individualized needs, you'll experience several advantages:

  • Strength: Our thin adhesive magnets exhibit high magnetic strength that will support many objects, photos, and paper products. Our self-adhesive magnets' strength is perfect for menu boards, displaying art, changeable signage, directory boards, presentation boards, and point-of-purchase displays. 
  • Longevity: Stick-on magnets and adhesive back magnets are designed for long-lasting use with magnetic properties that will not weaken over time. A good stickable magnet is designed to stand the test of time. Printable, flexible magnetic sheets are not vulnerable to curl, peel, or fade and are made and produced with longevity in mind. On top of that, they are weather resistant and can withstand rain, heat, sun, and cold. Even high winds are unable to affect your outdoor displays.
  • Ease of use: You can install self-adhesive magnets quickly and easily. 
  • Versatility: Thin magnets with adhesive backing are multipurpose. You can use them for numerous applications, no matter your industry. Self-adhesive magnets come in various shapes and sizes, making them an incredibly versatile tool that gives you the freedom and creativity to use them however you want. They are not limited to metal surfaces and stick to wood, rubber, plastic, paper, and non-ferrous materials. This makes displays and boards easier to install. Self-adhesive magnets, like adhesive magnetic tape, can also create temporary storage spaces for tools, stationery, art supplies, and other non-metal items. They can even be used as tags that can be used in helpful ways, like marking different boxes as labels.

Types of Adhesive Magnets

You can choose from different types and variations of thin stick-on magnets. Each comes with its own benefits and is better suited to certain uses than others. Find out which type of adhesive magnet product best suits your needs by understanding what each can offer you:

Self-Adhesive Sheet Magnet 
This easy-to-install type of sheet magnet is exceptionally good at adhering to metal surfaces. Easy to use and effective sheet magnets with adhesive backs are perfect for children's creative projects, fridge decoration, magnetic photo frames, display boards, and car magnets.

Adhesive Magnetic Paper
Magnetic paper is made when sheet magnets between 8 to 10 millimeters thick are bonded to paper. They make for excellent displays as images can easily be printed to create signs, stickers, and more. A laser printer might damage magnetic paper, so it is best to use an inkjet printer for all your magnetic paper printing needs.

Magnetic Extrusions
Flexible magnetic extrusions are reusable magnetic sheets that are great for removable signage, advertisements, and branding. Due to their versatility, magnetic extrusions are useful for hanging purposes, creating and displaying crafts, making custom menu boards that can be changed daily, mounting inventory labels, keeping things together, and any other situation you might need interchangeable adhesive magnetic strips.

Why Choose Magnum Magnetics for Thin Adhesive Magnets?

Magnum Magnetics manufactures flexible adhesive magnets. Our ability to customize our adhesive magnets (including strength, thickness, surface, shape, etc.) for specific applications and processes, our ability to customize packaging, our superior customer service, and our competitive prices are what make Magnum Magnetics superior.

We're proud to have served as the largest magnet manufacturer in the United States for over 30 years.

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Where Can I Buy Adhesive Magnets?

Magnum Magnetics is your go-to destination if you're looking for high-quality adhesive magnets for sale. We're always improving our state-of-the-art magnet inventory by investing in the advanced machinery, expert employees, and sustainable manufacturing processes needed to produce the best products.

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