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Magnum Magnetics MuscleMag Magnet

Standard Sheeting  PDF

Thickness Options:
.012 in (.30 mm), .015 in (.38 mm) ,
.020 in. (.51 mm), and .030 in. (.76 mm)

Roll Length Options: 
25 ft. (7.62 m), 50 ft. (15.24 m), and
100 ft. (30.48 m)

Width: 24.375 in. (619.1 mm)

Strong, Flexible Magnetic Sheets

Make advertising your products, customizing messages, and directing customers and employees seamless when you use our products. At Magnum Magnetics, we offer trusted resources to match your requirements. With our flexible magnetic material sheets, you can set up any display quickly and easily. Our flexible magnetic sheet roll can work with a wide range of applications and provide convenient, optimized use of space to share your messages.

Flexible Magnet Sheets Specifications

We offer an extensive inventory of magnetic sheeting options, and we can customize them to your requirements. Whatever applications you may have for displays or advertising, we can provide products tailored to your individual operations. Our stock of flexible magnetic sheeting comes in thicknesses of .012 in. (.30 mm), .015 in. (.38 mm), .020 in. (.51 mm), and .030 in. (.76 mm). Roll lengths available include 25 ft. (7.62 m), 50 ft. (15.24 m), and 100 ft. (30.48 m), and heavy-duty magnetic sheeting width is 24.375 in. (619.1 mm). We can also produce custom material upon request.

You have the options of several different materials to go with the sheeting — color magnet vinyl, white high gloss vinyl, white matte vinyl, paper, indoor or outdoor adhesive backing, and polypropylene.

What Are Magnetic Sheets for? - Common Applications of Magnetic Sheets

You can use our thin, flexible magnet sheets in various ways, from creating advertising media like refrigerator magnets and vehicle signs to making display boards and die-cut magnets. Partner with us to handle many different applications, such as:

  • Signs: With flexible magnetic rubber sheets, you can set up eye-catching signs quickly and easily. You can also conveniently update them whenever you need to.
  • Advertising: When you use flexible magnets to hold your messages, you can create customized marketing signage to get customers' attention.
  • Labels: Keep track of product shelves in your store, inventory in a storage area, and other product selections with magnetic options for labeling.
  • Displays: Create exciting displays for your business with strong, flexible flat magnet sheets as a durable platform for your media and visuals.

The Benefits of Flexible Magnetic Sheets

With our product offerings, you can save yourself time and labor by setting up displays and other media. Choose Magnum Magnetics products to get advantages for your business needs:

  • Convenience: When you use flexible magnets as your signage, display, or marketing solution, you get a convenient option that allows you to set up in minutes instead of hours.
  • Adaptability: Our thin, flexible magnet sheets are adaptable and customizable to fit your exact applications, giving you room for creativity and flexibility whenever you want to make changes.
  • Usability: Our flexible magnetic material sheets are user-friendly and easy to adjust to your needs.

The Advantages of Choosing Magnum Magnetics

When you work with Magnum Magnetics, we'll do our best to provide trusted solutions. We offer high-quality materials and reliable performance at competitive prices to offer the best value for our customers. Trust us for innovative solutions that work optimally with your needs. Our team will work with you to deliver magnetic sheeting rolls that deliver optimal functionality and convenience for your applications when you partner with us.

Top Magnetic Sheeting Options Available:

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Explore our inventory for other magnet products and accessories if you're looking for additional options. You may want to consider our plain magnetic sheeting, our self adhesive magnetic sheets, or our printable DigiMag Magnetic Paper. We also offer a wide range of other solutions, including printable and customizable options and other specialty products like extrusions.

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At Magnum Magnetics, our goal is to deliver trusted solutions to match your operational requirements. Our quality products deliver the durability you need to handle your applications seamlessly. Please contact us for more information or to discuss your specific magnet needs.

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