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Adhesive Tapes

Magnum Tapes & Films, the sister company of Magnum Magnetics, offers various rubber and acrylic adhesive tape products and construction options. We can custom-engineer tape for your application.

Adhesive Tape Construction


Adhesive tapes typically have one of the following constructions:

  • Single-coated: Single-coated tapes have adhesive on one side and a removable liner to protect the wound tape. This adhesive tape seals cartons or attaches materials at a seam.
  • Double-coated: Double-coated tapes have adhesives and removable liners on each side of the tape. The adhesives can be the same or different materials. They are ideal for use when you need to attach two surfaces on top of each other.
  • Self-wound: Self-wound tape has adhesive on one side but no liner. Examples include masking tapes, packing tapes, and electrical tapes.
  • Transfer: Transfer tape lets you easily apply a sticker or adhesive to a substrate. Applications include sealing envelopes and transferring graphics between surfaces.

Adhesive Tape Products

The best adhesive tape for your project depends on the surface. Our adhesive tape products bond to various surfaces and materials. Options include:

  • 200 series: The 200 series has an aggressive rubber foam adhesive to cling to uneven and irregular substrates.  
  • 300 series: The 300 series is a rubber foam adhesive to adhere to ester and ether polyurethane foams.
  • 400 series: The 400 series permanent rubber has a high peel performance and high shear properties to bond with smooth surfaces.
  • 500 series: The 500 series is ideal for rough or irregular surfaces, offering excellent bonding, peel, and surface wet-out properties.
  • 600 series: The 600 series is a low-VOC acrylic adhesive that bonds challenging materials, such as polyethylene, powder-coated materials, and polyurethane foams.
  • 800 series: The 800 series is a stiff acrylic adhesive with superior outdoor performance and good adhesion to irregular surfaces for archival purposes.
  • 900 series: The 900 series industrial adhesive tape is a differential series with distinct adhesives on each side of the tape. Combinations include rubber and acrylic, acrylic and acrylic, or rubber and rubber.

Industrial Adhesive Tape Roll Sizes

Adhesive tapes come in various dimensions. Width options include:

  • 44 inches
  • 50 inches
  • 54 inches 
  • 60 inches

Our tape rolls have a 3-inch core and are available in lengths ranging from 750 feet to 3,000 feet. We also offer custom sizes and can slit tape rolls to widths from ¼ inch to 60 inches. 

Make Your Message Stick With Magnum


Whether you need miles of adhesive tape or a more limited quantity, we want to learn more about your adhesive tape needs. We manufacture adhesive tape products in a state-of-the-art facility, allowing us to be flexible while providing our customers with a superior product.

We can help you choose the industrial adhesive tape best for your specific project. Contact us today to discuss your company's adhesive tape needs.

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