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 DigiMag Magnetic Paper

DigiMag® Magnetic Paper Roll

DigiMag Paper from Magnum Magnetics® is premium magnetic paper sheeting suited for an array of different applications. This product is flexible and made from quality materials, and you can cut it into virtually any shape to match your requirements.

Different options are available to meet your specific needs. We also offer the choice to place a custom order for DigiMag Paper sheets made to unique thickness and tolerance specifications. Let us know how we can provide you with a superior solution.

Common Applications for DigiMag Paper 

DigiMag Paper is a versatile product. It suits multiple commercial and personal applications and is compatible with a range of different printers. Some of the more common applications include:

  • POP displays: Magnetic lined paper is a fast, simple, and eye-catching solution for keeping up with ever-changing point-of-purchase (POP) displays.
  • Trade shows: Magnetized paper makes it easy to quickly set up and tear down high-resolution, full-color graphics and signage in trade show booths.
  • Menu boards: With magnetic sheets, it's simple to add or remove items from a menu board, list and change prices, display current specials, and more.
  • Offices: Magnets have a big presence in the office. DigiMag Paper lets you harness that capability to make interoffice announcements and create signs.
  • Retail: Superior workability makes DigiMag Paper sheets ideal for producing products intended for the retail market, like refrigerator magnets

Key Specifications

DigiMag Paper is suited for indoor applications and works with aqueous inkjet printers. It is available in complete rolls or sheets custom cut to your requirements. You can select between a matte and gloss finish.

We manufacture DigiMag Paper sheets in four standard sizes ranging from .008" (0.20 mm) to .020" (0.51 mm) thick. The higher the thickness, the higher the magnetic pull and the more the paper will weigh. 

Custom thicknesses are also available, including larger sizes. We also supply custom roll lengths. Talk to our experts about your needs, and we'll guide you toward an appropriate match or produce one made for the job.

Superior Magnetic Paper

DigiMag Paper comes in sizes suited for both desktop and wide-format inkjet printers. Compatibility extends to most dye and pigment-based models manufactured by Canon®, Epson®, HP®, and other top brands.

This magnetized paper has a permanent bond between the magnetized and printable surfaces. This feature helps DigiMag magnetic-backed paper outperform conventional magnetic sheets by virtually eliminating the potential for delamination.

Your Flexible Magnetics Solutions Provider

We pride ourselves on manufacturing the highest-quality magnets and related products in the USA and providing superior customer service. Our team will work hard to find the best solution for you by placing your needs first. We'll also help you stay productive with rapid delivery of most in-stock products within 24 hours, using your preferred packaging style.

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