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Magnum Magnetics back coating

Back Coating on Flexible Magnetic Sheeting

Magnetic sheeting with a back coating is versatile in several applications and optimal for use in multiple industries. Magnum Magnetics flexible magnetic sheeting is available in numerous sizes, and surface finishes to suit all of your operational requirements. We offer matte, gloss, or color options for your sheeting finish. You can affix these thermoplastic, permanent magnets to many metallic surfaces. Use durable, flexible magnetic sheeting with a back coating to your advantage today.

Common Applications of Flexible Magnetic Sheeting With Back Coating

When you add back coating, your magnetic sheeting becomes much more flexible and usable. Common applications for magnetic sheeting with back coating include:

  • Signs: Flexible magnetic sheeting can do the job if you need to hang signs on buildings or vehicles.
  • Bins: When you're organizing items into particular sections, label a box or bin with magnetic sheeting.
  • Display boards: If you're hanging displays of any type, use flexible magnetic sheeting to help send clear messages.
  • Menu boards: When you need to display a menu board at your establishment, magnetic sheeting can help.

Back Coating Specifications

At Magnum Magnetics, we can apply back coating to your flexible magnetic sheeting for various applications. We can add this coating to magnetic sheeting from 0.010 inches (0.30 mm) to 0.030 inches (0.76 mm) in thickness. When we apply the back coating, it goes on the strongest side of the magnet. 

Benefits of Back Coating on Magnetic Sheeting

There are numerous advantages of using a back coating. When you choose to add a coating to flexible magnetic sheeting, you'll receive:

  • Aversion to corrosion: Magnets can rust and lose their usability, primarily if you place them in outdoor or otherwise damp environments. When you have a back coating, you can prevent corrosion and protect the appearance and function of your magnets.
  • Changing conductivity: Magnet coatings can make it easier to conduct electricity, which is beneficial in certain applications.
  • Increasing safety: Backcoating provides a barrier between the magnet and the surface it is attached to.
  • Reduce magnetic blocking: Backcoating helps prevent magnetic blocking common on large rolls or stacks of magnets.

Advantages of Choosing Magnum Magnetics

Choosing flexible magnetic sheeting with a back coating from Magnum Magnetics has numerous advantages. We make all of our magnets with high-quality materials that give them increased durability and strength for your purposes.

Our products are made domestically, allowing us to ship them to you quickly. We competitively price our magnets with a back coating to help you meet your budget while getting the products you need. Our knowledgeable staff is available to help you find the flexible magnetic sheeting you need for your applications.

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