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Custom Magnetic Extrusions

Flexible magnetic extrusions provide a reliable, reusable method for displaying signage, advertisements, and branding. Magnum Magnetics has what you need with superior products and knowledgeable customer support if you're looking for a strong, long-term solution for your business. Talk to our experts about your goals, and we'll help you build a customized order that meets all your needs.

Common Applications for Magnetic Strip Extrusions

Magnetic extrusions are versatile products used in multiple applications. They're ideal for manufacturing other commercial goods and for mounting signage and advertisements to help improve brand awareness, engage with more customers, and boost sales.

Our custom magnetic extrusions are the ideal solution for projects like:

  • Making custom menu boards.
  • Displaying magnetic signage.
  • Creating and displaying crafts.
  • Mounting interchangeable inventory labels.
  • Supporting engineering and OEM applications.
  • Hanging indoor and outdoor advertising fixtures.
  • Enhancing point-of-purchase (POP) shelf displays and dividers.

Magnetic Extrusion Specifications

Our custom magnetic extrusions are made from premium raw materials. You can choose to order yours with .6 MGOE (Mega Gauss Oersteds) magnetization or our MuscleMag® 1.0 MGOE high-energy magnetization for your desired strength.

You can also choose whether you would like yours with multi-pole, conventional through-thickness, conventional through width, match pole magnetization, or two poles on each face. We also offer custom pole configurations.

Available magnetic profile dimensions include:

  • Thickness: Thicknesses range from .025 in. (.64 mm) to .375 in. (9.5 mm).
  • Width: Widths range from 25 in. (635 mm) to 4 in. (101.6 mm).
  • Height: We offer heights up to .875 in. (22.2 mm).

We offer foam, rubber, and acrylic adhesives.

The Benefits of Ordering Our Custom Flexible Magnetic Extrusions

When you are partnering with Magnum Magnetics, you'll benefit from over 30 years of industry experience. We specialize in flexible magnetics. Our experts have the skills, knowledge, and expertise to meet your requirements and help you find a solution that helps your business achieve more. You can rely on us for expert recommendations, a quality product, and unparalleled customer service.

Why Order From Magnum Magnetics?

We manufacture our products domestically in modern factories using processes designed to limit resource consumption and produce consistent results. Many options are available in stock and ready to ship, with most orders leaving our facility within 24 hours. We also fabricate custom orders quickly.

Other Products That May Interest You

At Magnum Magnetics, we manufacture a wide range of magnetic solutions — including products you can use indoors or outside for a wide range of applications. 

Products we think you might like based on your interest in magnetic strip extrusions include printable magnetic and blank magnetic sheeting and magnetic tape. View our complete product list to see everything we have to offer.

Learn More About Our Flexible Magnetic Extrusions

Reach out to our team to discuss your requirements and explore all your options. We'll work with you to determine which products fit your needs, help you compare your choices, and provide you with a quote.

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