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Advertising Magnet — Flexible Printable Magnets

Do you need an easy, cost-effective way to advertise your products? Flexible magnets can help make advertising messages that stick around longer than many other forms of advertising. It's an option that is easy to apply to any magnetic surface, so you can set it up in seconds wherever you want it. If you're sending out advertising magnets to customers, you're offering something useful that they'll want to keep around on their refrigerators or other visible places in the home.

At Magnum Magnetics, we offer a broad inventory of custom advertising magnets to match your requirements. Explore what we have available for your applications.

Common Applications of Advertising Magnets

Advertising magnets for displays or to hand out to customers and visitors offer a wide range of convenient, accessible marketing options for your business. When you put a magnet on a car or hand out advertising magnets for the fridge, more people will see your message as they go about their daily routines. Our product offers flexibility to meet your requirements for a straightforward, efficient advertising method.

 Your magnetic message will stick on vehicles, refrigerators, file cabinets, gym or school lockers, display and message boards, P.O.P. displays, and more. You can set up your custom advertising magnets anywhere passersby might see them spread the word about your products, services, special offers, and events. Whatever you want to share with the community, you can post it easily in high-traffic areas with our magnetic advertising options.

The Benefits of Magnetic Advertising Signs

By using magnet advertising solutions, you can make your message accessible to a much wider audience. With a simple addition of a magnetic sign to your vehicle, cabinet, message board, or another surface, you can gain labor-free advertising whenever people pass your display.

You'll gain a wide range of advantages from our custom advertising magnets:

  • Usability: Advertising magnets are safe for vehicles, lockers, refrigerators, and other magnetic surfaces. They also allow you to advertise on the go with minimal effort or staging.
  • Flexibility: Indoors and outdoors, magnets have the power to attract consumers to your message. Flexible magnets make great direct mail advertising pieces that recipients tend to use rather than discard.
  • Visibility: Magnets are a highly visible way to attract new customers. A magnet advertisement on a vehicle, refrigerator, or other high-traffic areas can get many views every day.
  • Affordability: Using advertising magnets is an accessible, cost-effective way to share your message with your community and make sure potential customers know about your business.

Business Advertising Magnet Specifications

Magnum Magnetics offers flexible magnets in a range of thicknesses and laminates so that you can find the right magnet for a specific advertising application. We offer a direct-printable magnet with many options that allow you to print directly to the magnet using most commercial press types. Our products are available in various dimensions, and we create high-quality prints. You can get eye-catching designs for your advertising magnets.

The Advantages of Choosing Magnum Magnetics

When you work with Magnum Magnetics, we strive to provide trusted solutions for your business requirements. We'll help you share a personalized message and bring your advertising where your audience is — whether that's on the road, in a public building, or on their refrigerator.

Work with us for products with high-quality materials to deliver long-term value and durability for your applications. Whatever your requirements, we offer products at a competitive price point to help you get the most for your purchase.

Other Products You Might Like

We offer many other options for magnetic products to fit a wide range of business and operational needs. Explore some of our other offerings:

  • Magnetic Business CardsAdvertise your business with creative and functional business card magnets your customers will see and enjoy.
  • Custom magnets: We'll create personalized magnets that match your branding and applications.
  • Custom packaging: Are you looking for creative, user-friendly packaging options? We can provide customized packaging for your needs.
  • MuscleMag® printable sheeting: Our product can do the job if you need high-energy magnetic sheeting to attach to your vehicle.

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