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The Benefits of Business Card Magnets

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Practical | Durable | Cost-Effective | Eye-Catching | Customizable | Contact UsBenefits of magnetic business cards.

Traditional business cards offer a simple way to give new customers easy access to your company's services and contact information. With business card magnets, you can elevate the distribution of this information with a more memorable, useful, and effective method. 

Consider investing in promotional magnets if you are looking for a cost-effective way to advertise. Magnetic business cards are easy to build brand awareness and foster lasting relationships with broader audiences. 

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5 Reasons You Should Use Business Card Magnets

Why use business card magnets? With magnetic business cards, your target audience can view your company details any time they walk up to their refrigerators. Your customers can enjoy the novelty and usefulness of a new fridge magnet while consistently being reminded of your services. 

There are many competitive advantages to advertising with magnetic business cards.

1. Practical

While many consumers throw away company pens after they stop working, and less than 5% of clients use keychains and lanyards, business card magnets serve a unique purpose for many. 

Magnetic business cards are functional for your customers. Anyone with a refrigerator can use your company magnet to hold notes, memos, or grocery lists in a place where they'll see and remember them. Since magnets offer a helpful solution, consumers are much more likely to keep them than other, less practical advertising trinkets. 

When people place your magnets on their fridges, they'll see your company brand several times per day. This phenomenon establishes a connection between your audience and your company and gives you a significant competitive advantage when the user needs services or products you offer. 

2. Durable

Unlike traditional business cards, promotional magnets last for years. Business card magnets consist of durable, high-quality materials, providing an enduring advertising strategy. 

Many people immediately put their new magnet on their fridge, where it is much less likely to get lost or ruined in the laundry than traditional business cards. Quality business card magnets are also much sturdier and easier to transport or send in the mail. Once someone sticks one on their fridge, it can last for years.

3. Cost-Effective

While many new advertising strategies can succeed, their cost-effectiveness is another crucial factor. The initial cost of business card magnets more than pays off in very little time. As you distribute them and your audience views them consistently, consumers can develop a stronger connection to your brand and feel more inclined to use your services.

After the initial investment, magnetic business cards are a highly cost-effective solution based on the cost per impression. Most people visit their fridges up to a dozen times per day on average. For a family of three, that equates to 924 impressions in a month and more than 11,000 per year. 

This means one family alone can view your advertisement over 11,000 times in one year. Considering most fridge magnets last at least six to eight years, the cost per impression is nearly nothing. 

4. Eye-Catching

Magnetic business cards are a fun and unique way to build brand awareness. While traditional cards are a great way to exchange contact information, business card magnets are memorable and become more valuable to your client.

Craft your promotional magnets to represent your company and create an eye-catching feature for your clients to stick to their refrigerators. An attractive magnet can draw more attention to your brand and promote a positive, emotional connection to your company. 

Business card magnets can help set your organization apart from the rest and give customers a reason to remember your name or logo. 

5. Customizable 

One of the most important aspects of magnetic business cards is their customization. If you're relying on visuals for advertising, it's essential to have something that stands out from the pack, distinguishes your brand, and provides a more memorable product. 

A distinct and interesting magnet can draw more attention to your product and increase people's interest in your services.

You can craft your promotional design from scratch for a unique magnet that represents your brand. Opt for a minimalist design or develop a bright and distinct alternative. Similar to traditional cards, try to create something that suits your business aesthetic. Your clients can get a sense of who you are as a company through your magnetic business card. 

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