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Printing on Magnets

Do you want your advertisements and promotional materials to stick around? Then it would be best if you used magnets. People are likelier to keep magnets in their homes than paper-based advertisements, often displaying them in prominent locations, such as on the refrigerator. 

Magnum Magnetics has a wide selection of magnetic media that streamlines the printing process. Learn more about the benefits of printing on magnetic sheets and how to do it.

How to Print on Magnets

With our magnetic media, you can print directly onto magnetic sheets, saving time and money. Before you print on magnets, there are some things to consider:

  • The printer type: It's essential to choose magnetic sheets that are compatible with the kind of printer you use. Laser printers are often too hot for many magnetic sheets and may cause the material to melt. Look for magnetic sheets designed for your printer type, whether an inkjet, NexPress, Indigo, atex, wide-format solvent or eco-solvent printer.
  • The thickness: Magnet thickness is another thing to consider, based on the application. If you want to use the magnets outdoors, you'll need to choose a thicker magnetic material than you would if you were to use the magnet indoors. Thickness is measured in mils, which is one-thousandth of an inch. The higher the mils, the thicker the magnet.
  • The size: Also, think of the size of the magnetic sheet when printing. Our standard magnetic sheets are 24.375 inches wide and come in rolls ranging from 25 to 200 feet long. We also offer wider format magnetic sheets in our DigiMaxx® line.
  • Lamination requirements: Previously, printing and laminating were two separate steps, which increased production cost and time requirements. Our magnetic sheets can now be printed and laminated simultaneously, saving you time and money. Printing on pre-laminated vinyl also often results in a higher quality product.

Why Printing on Magnets Is Easy

Vinyl laminated magnetic sheeting simplifies the printing process. In the past, if you wanted to print on magnetic vinyl, you needed to first print on the vinyl, then laminate it. 

The two-step process took longer and increased the chance of fraying and separating. Today's printing processes allow you to print directly on laminated vinyl. It's more convenient and faster, so you can get your printed magnets sooner. 

Magnet Sheets You Can Print On 

Magnum Magnetics has a variety of printable magnetic sheeting available. We're happy to help you choose the right product for your needs. Some of our products include:

  • DigiMag® Vinyl: DigiMag Vinyl is one of our most popular magnetic sheeting products. It works with latex, UV inkjet, eco-solvent, and solvent printers and allows you to print directly on it. You can cut the material with plotters, cutters, or scissors into any shape or size. DigiMag® Vinyl is available in sheet or roll form.
  • DigiMag® Plus: DigiMag Plus is an unmagnetized sheeting you can magnetize with magnetizers based on your exact needs. It's available as a polypropylene or paper laminate in a glossy or matte finish. The rolls measure 13 inches wide, and the sheets are 12 by 18 inches.
  • DigiMag Duplex: DigiMag Duplex is a double-sided magnetic sheet. With DigiMag Duplex, you get a product that supports printing on both sides for twice as much space. 
  • MessageMag®: Our MessageMag magnetic sheeting is high-performance and customizable. It's a pre-magnetized, lightweight paper-laminated sheet that feeds through offset or flexo presses. Applications for MessageMag include postcards, magazine inserts, business cards, and direct mail pieces.

Contact Magnum Magnetics 

Our magnetic sheeting is made in the U.S. and complies with toy safety standards. To learn more about our magnetic sheets and to place an order, contact us today. 

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