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Magnum Magnetics LabelMag flexible gap magnetLabelMag flexible gap magnet for label machines

LabelMag® Flexible Gap Magnet for Labeling Equipment

LabelMag magnets include a registration gap so that a photoelectric sensor can cue label machines to apply an individual magnet. LabelMag is designed to efficiently affix magnets to postcards, calendars, business cards, and other items using your automatic labeling machinery. Turn your promotional items and direct mail pieces into magnets for longer-lasting messages that tend to stick around!

Common Uses:

Add a piece of magnet to the back of your printed promotional items such as postcards, calendars, business cards, and more.

LabelMag Specifications

LabelMag is easily adaptable to and will run efficiently on most automatic labeling machinery. Label magnets are available in standard thicknesses ranging from .012” (.30 mm) to .020” (.51 mm) and widths ranging from 1” (25.4 mm) to 5” (127 mm). Roll lengths up to 400 ft. (121.92 m) are possible and will depend upon magnet thickness. Contact us about your special requirements. 

US Patent No. 9,704,419; Canada Patent No. 2,409,407.

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