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Benefits of using magnetic labels

4 Benefits of Using Label Magnets

Magnetic labels are portable magnetized strips that workers can fasten in warehouses and other locations. The label can contain scannable barcodes and additional printed information depending on the user's preferences. This design ensures easy identification and simplifies the inventory management and control process.

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What Are Some Label Magnet Uses?

Magnetic labels have various purposes in warehouses and other areas:

  • Racking systems: Warehouse workers can affix the labels to individual slots on racks to locate goods for shipment quickly and accurately.
  • Signage: Magnetic labels can serve as strategically placed signage throughout the facility to provide directions and safety alerts. 
  • Auto dealerships: Car dealers can place oversized magnetic labels on vehicles to provide prospective buyers with additional product and pricing information. 
  • Garages and repair facilities: Automobile mechanics can use labels to organize tools, vehicle parts, and other items.
  • Laboratories: Medical labs can use magnetic labels to organize supplies and equipment and identify items in research archives. 
  • Promotional items: These labels are perfect for smaller marketing tools like business cards, calendars, and postcards. Recipients can place them on any metallic surface in a home or office.

What Are the Unique Benefits of Label Magnets?

Examples of the numerous label magnet benefits include the following.

1. Portability

Although magnets attach securely to metal surfaces, they aren't permanent. Unlike paper labels, you won't have to peel them off. You can easily move them to other locations as needed.

2. Accuracy

In a warehouse environment, picking orders quickly and accurately is critical for delivering reliable results and boosting satisfaction. Label magnets can simplify the process and help prevent mistakes. 

3. Durability

Paper and vinyl labels can eventually curl, fade or peel. Magnetic labels give you a reliable long-term alternative. You can use them for extended periods without seeing signs of wear. They're also weather-resistant, enabling you to use them outdoors.

4. Customization

A full-service magnetic label provider like Magnum Magnetics can create a custom-designed product that meets your company's unique labeling requirements.

ThermalMag®  Magentic Labels

ThermalMag®  Magnetic Labels from Magnum Magnetics is one of our featured magnetic label solutions. These labels allow you to organize your inventory and locate your items efficiently and quickly. 

We offer customizable features, allowing you to order the exact product you need for your specific application. ThermalMag® labels come in various colors and sizes and are effective for indoor or outdoor projects. They also work well with most ribbon and thermal transfer printers.

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Could your business benefit from high-quality magnetic labels? LabelMag® and ThermalMag® from Magnum Magnetics can provide a flexible solution for many applications. We manufacture Label Mag in multiple sizes to deliver a customized product that meets your needs. Contact us today to learn more.