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Magnum Magnetics DigiMag Prime Magnet

 DigiMag® Prime Magnetic Material for Digital Printing

Quickly and easily create a sleek, customizable message with DigiMag® Prime from Magnum Magnetics, the superior magnet for digital printing. This product is among the most easy-to-use and cost-effective options for printing magnetic material on Xerox® digital presses. With DigiMag Prime, you can develop products to expand your advertising capabilities across a broad range of applications. 

Magnetic Sheets for Digital Presses 

DigiMag Prime provides smooth feeding, superior registration, exceptional ink adhesion, and superb image quality to exceed your magnetic printing needs. This material comes in paper gloss and poly matte finishes and is easy to trim, perforate, or die-cut. We stock both options in 17-mil thicknesses, 12-inch widths, and 18-inch lengths for your convenience.

Magnum Magnetics certifies DigiMag Prime sheets for printing on all Xerox® iGen® Digital and Xerox® Color 800/1000 presses. DigiMag Prime is unmagnetized to allow the highest-quality graphics when printing. Quickly magnetize your sheets post-press by using one of our several magnetizing options.

Some typical applications for DigiMag Prime sheets are:

Advantages of Post-Printing

Post-printing refers to material magnetization after the printing takes place. This process works similarly to printing on unmagnetized material like thick plastic or heavy vinyl. With post-printing, you finish the process by feeding the sheets through a machine that magnetizes them.

Some of the advantages you'll experience with post-printing include: 

  • No sticking or jamming: Feeding magnetized sheets through your equipment comes with the risk of pieces sticking together and jamming your machinery. Unmagnetized sheets prevent these inconveniences from occurring.
  • Increased versatility: Magnetizing materials after printing allows you to use a broader range of substrates with your printing equipment, providing you with more versatile product options.
  • Higher efficiency: Post-printing means you don't need to use expensive materials like transfer sheets or additional equipment to perform tasks like laminating.

Benefits of Using DigiMag Prime Magnetic Material for Digital Presses

Investing in DigiMag Prime sheets for your printing operation is an excellent way to boost your capabilities, whether you're a commercial printer, advertising agency, or a company creating in-house promotional material. Some of the benefits you'll see when using DigiMag Prime sheets include:

  • Excellent workability
  • Unmatched ink adhesion
  • Superior image quality
  • Overall reliability

Why You Should Choose Magnum Magnetics for Your Flexible Magnet Needs

At Magnum Magnetics, we leverage over three decades of experience to provide the industry's highest-quality and most cost-effective magnetic solutions. Our easy-to-use products allow you to create the most vibrant prints and clear display products without using multistage manufacturing processes and machinery. Regardless of your magnetic needs, you can trust us to supply the products you require at competitive prices.

Other Magnetic Products You May Like

Magnum Magnetics features an entire line of products to simplify the post-printing process, including portable desktop magnetizers, handheld magnetizers, and industrial magnetizers. If you want to expand your range of substrates, consider our DigiMag Vinyl material to create thicker products like menu boards, outdoor signage, and more.

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