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Magnum Magnetics Handheld Portable Magnetizers

Handheld Magnetizer Specifications

This magnetizer features a 6” (152.4 mm) wide per pass magnetizing capability that provides a minimum 85 lbs. per square foot (415 kg per square meter) magnetic pull strength when used with 30 mil (.76 mm) Magnum Magnetics® magnetic sheeting and magnetized according to our instruction sheet.

Model # Material Width Standard Magnetization Pattern*
HHM12007 No Limitation 12 PPI

General Specifications of Handheld Magnetizers:

Easy to grip non-metallic housing. Magnetizer comes with a user guide, clean and care instructions, scan profile documentation, and a container to store the magnetizer when not in use.

*12 PPI (poles per inch) is recommended for 30 mil (.76 mm) thick Magnum Magnetics® magnetic sheeting.  Other pole spacing options are available.

Patent pending

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