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Flexible Magnet for Direct Mail Applications

At Magnum, we recognize the importance of advertising and marketing to the success of your business, nonprofit or other organization. That's why we provide multiple options that allow you to produce magnetic direct-mail pieces without adding equipment or processes. Your direct mail magnets will soon become refrigerator, file cabinet, and gym locker magnets that tend to "stick around" longer than paper mailed pieces. 

Mailer magnets receive a higher response rate than traditional mail. Plus, a magnet attached to a postcard is more likely to be read than a nonmagnetic mailer. 

Overall, magnets are a unique marketing technique that can attract attention for days, weeks, and months to come when displayed.  

Direct Mail Applications for Magnets

Magnets are a powerful technique to grab attention even in a crowded mailbox. Successful organizations target audiences using tools like magnet postcard mailers in several ways. 


A magnet can make people feel like they've received a reward for supporting your organization. Colorful magnets with unique shapes can be fun to display, so recipients will enjoy a new piece of decor and a reminder of their positive association with your organization. 


A well-timed reminder is often the perfect way to capture attention for your organization. On the internet, targeted ads appear after you've looked for information on a search engine. Similarly, people can look at their fridge to find your phone number when they need a doctor or want a pizza.


A magnet is also a promotional tool that can attract attention to your organization. For example, many businesses send a magnet that includes coupons. In order to use the coupons, the recipient will need to keep the magnet and display it as a reminder.

The Benefits of Magnet Direct Mailers

Magnet mailers can boost the brand awareness of many types of organizations, from restaurants to healthcare facilities. Magnet postcard mailers are:

  • Economical: From commercials to print advertisements, many forms of marketing can be costly. Physical magnet mailers have staying power. If a recipient displays one in a high-traffic area, your message will get repeat viewings for a small investment.
  • Valuable: When someone receives a magnet in the mail, the weight is a clue that there's something valuable inside. The magnet is also a free gift that makes the receiver feel like they've gotten something from your company rather than simply reading a marketing message.
  • Creative: With magnet mailers, the possibilities to capture your audience's attention are virtually limitless. Magnets can come in many shapes, from the outline of a tooth for a dentist to a football helmet for a favorite local sports team. 

Our Magnetic Options for Direct Mail 

At Magnum Magnetics, we believe in the power of creative solutions to market your materials. That's why we have several unique options to fit your organization's application.

Thin magnetic sheeting for tip-on

Our .012” thin magnetic sheeting is lightweight, high-performance, and available with a selection of finishes suitable for various printing presses. It is ideal for use in direct mail pieces due to its lightweight construction and the ability to tip on the magnet to a carrier sheet.

LabelMag® for label machines

Our LabelMag flexible gap magnets (patent pending) are easily adaptable and run efficiently on most automatic labeling machinery. LabelMag magnets include a registration gap so that a photoelectric sensor can cue label machines to apply an individual magnet to paper card stock and other materials.  LabelMag also uses a pressure-sensitive adhesive designed for permanent use indoors. The gap magnets come in a wide variety of shapes, widths, sizes, and thicknesses to fit your mailer application. 

DigiMag® Duplex for two-sided direct printing

Magnum offers two-sided, printable magnetic sheeting for digital presses that can print on both sides. DigiMag Duplex is perfect for postcards, sports schedules, and other direct mail pieces. The finished pieces can send through the U.S. Postal Service.

The double-sided surface means that you can print materials like calendars on one side and contact information on the other to get people buzzing about your marketing promotion. 

You can also design whatever unique shape or design you want with a die-cutting procedure or create something simple with a cut-out.

The finished pieces can send through the U.S. Postal Service for maximum convenience.

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With an outstanding flexible magnet solution, you can break through the noise in your customers' mailboxes. Magnum Magnetics uses only the highest-strength magnets made in the USA so that you can make a great first impression that will last.

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