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Magnum Magnetics Motorized Industrial Magnetizers

Motorized Magnetizer Specifications

We will take the time to learn about your application and production methods so that the completed magnetizer satisfies your requirements. The motorized magnetizer may be installed in-line on a conveyor belt or offline as a separate workstation, according to your need and preference. It is easy to feed material manually through the magnetizer. An optional mobile floor stand with adjustable height and optional feed/receiving trays are also offered.

Standard Energy
Model # Material Width Magnetization Pattern*

SM1103N 12 1/2" (317.5 mm) max 16 PPI
SM1103W 26" (660.4 mm) max 16 PPI

High Energy**
Model # Material Width Magnetization Pattern*

SM1103NHE 12 1/2" (317.5 mm) max 16 PPI
SM1103WHE 26" (660.4 mm) max 16 PPI

General Motorized Magnetizer Specifications

Variable speed up to 70 feet (21.33 m) per minute; direct enclosed gear drive (no belts); constructed of aluminum, brass, and stainless steel.

Power Requirements: 120 volt 3 amps

Options: Mobile floor stand with height adjustable from 28” (711.2 mm) to 40” (1016.0 mm); stainless steel feed and receiving trays.

*16 PPI (poles per inch) is recommended for Magnum Magnetics® magnetic sheeting up to 20 mil (.51 mm) thick. Other pole spacing options are available.

**High-energy magnetizer is for use on specially formulated high-energy sheeting up to 15 mil (.38 mm) thick.

US Patent # 7,728,706

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