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What to include on Custom Car Magnets for Businesses

What to Include on Custom Car Magnets for Businesses

A custom car magnet is like a handshake for your business. Whether it's on a company car or a customer's bumper, this magnet is an introduction to your company's tone, style, and professionalism. 

That's why the experts at Magnum Magnetics put together this quick tip guide on how to strategically pick what you should place on a custom car magnet to attract attention. 

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What to Put on a Custom Car Magnet for Your Business

When a customer views these custom business car magnets on the road, there's usually only a few seconds to deliver your message. Here are several elements that can help grab and capture a viewer's attention:


Your logo is the main identifier that can raise brand awareness. Ensure it's sized properly for viewing, whether enlarged on the side of a company vehicle or on a bumper. You may have to create variations of the logo with the same font and imagery to fit in different shapes and spaces properly. 


One main design element of car magnets for businesses is their shape. Unexpected shapes like ovals or triangles can cause a potential customer to take a second glance. You can even create designs that conform to the shape of your logo. The possibilities are endless for creativity.  

Company Colors

Company colors create an almost instant impression of the style and feeling behind your company. For example, the bright yellow of the McDonald's logo communicates happiness and fun. At the same time, the greens and browns of the Panera logo are soothing. You must decide the feeling you want to communicate and let this shine through on your car magnet. 


Your slogan is a few fundamental words that summarize what you bring to the customer. For example, Coca-Cola's slogan "Open Happiness" communicates that the drink gives an instant feeling of satisfaction. If your business is a plumbing service, your slogan might give a sense of peace and reassurance that you're always on-call or affordable. A short and intriguing message is best.

Compelling Call to Action (CTA)

When designing a car magnet to advertise your business, consider having a clear way for viewers to act on it. For example, include a phone number so that they can contact you for more information.

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