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8 Commercial Uses for Magnetic Strips

Magnetic strips enable businesses to perform an assortment of functions. These lightweight, flexible strips come in rolls of various widths and thicknesses to suit numerous adhesion requirements. You can bend, cut, drill, shape, and otherwise alter them to meet your specific project applications. The versatility and cost-effectiveness offered by magnetic strips can provide exceptional long-term value to your organization. 

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Common Magnetic Strip Applications

For multiple purposes, you can use magnetic strips in your commercial or industrial operations.

1. Warehouse Shelving
Improve inventory organization by applying magnetic strips to the shelves in your distribution center or storage areas. Affix preprinted stickers or bar codes to bins or shelving for more efficient identification. You can also relabel them and move them to other locations in your facility as needed.

2. Signage 
Use strips to install signs throughout your commercial facility. Provide directions to guide visitors through your property and help workers avoid potentially dangerous areas. You can also use the signage to identify displays and other items you want to highlight. Our strips give you a blank canvas — use the numerous color and design options to create a visually appealing sign that attracts attention. 

3. File Cabinet Labeling
Despite the increasing usage of computerized recordkeeping, many businesses and organizations still rely on paper files requiring cabinet storage. Whether you use file cabinets for current or archived document storage processes, our flexible magnetic strips let you organize your records more efficiently. You can also move and update them as your needs evolve.

4. Scheduling Boards
If your business uses physical boards to display worker or shipping schedules, magnetic strips allow you to make quick changes and keep the information up-to-date. Make rapid adjustments to account for employee shift changes, workers calling off sick, or updates to anticipated delivery times. Our strips also provide enhanced permanence and professionalism than old-fashioned chalkboards. 

Magnetic strip rolled into coils.


5. Label Holders
Use magnetic strips for your C-channel labeling applications. Affix the holders to metal racks, drawers, or shelving and slide in labels to identify the products or materials stored in them. You can also slide the labels out and replace them as needed. You'll experience reliable adhesion in even the most challenging conditions. 

6. Promotional
Our strips can help you get the word out about your business by enabling you to share and display targeted marketing messages. They can also help you build brand awareness.

7. Menu Boards
If you own a restaurant, diner, or bar, magnetic strips let you make fast updates to your menu. They're perfect for displaying your daily specials, seasonal dishes, or other items that change frequently.

8. Bulk Bin Labeling
Manufacturers, retailers, and other commercial operations often use bins to store or display large quantities of small bulk items. Our strips let you label these containers clearly and make quick changes as you update your inventory. 


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