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creative uses for magnetic sheeting

Creative Uses for Magnetic Sheeting

Magnets are valuable tools that are used in all sorts of ways in our everyday life, from businesses displaying signage to fridge magnets at home. But there is no material quite like magnetic sheeting. Thin, magnetic sheeting has a strong magnetic pull. Magnetic sheets are an easy-to-use product that has hundreds of creative and practical applications. From storage and labeling to creative displays, there is so much you can get out of your magnetic sheeting with the right ideas and the right information. 

Magnum Magnetics provides high-quality magnetic sheets that can be used for display purposes, woodworking, crafting, decorating, organization and more. Knowing how to use magnetic adhesive sheets creatively involves knowing what the product is capable of. Learn more about this versatile magnetic material and its creative potential in this guide.

The Basics of Magnetic Sheeting

Magnetic sheeting comes with an adhesive side that is used to stick the sheeting onto non-magnetic surfaces. Magnetic sheeting starts to take structural damage in temperatures below -15 degrees Fahrenheit and above 160 degrees Fahrenheit. These extreme temperatures affect the adhesive force of the product. Magnum Magnetics protects all our magnetic sheet products with UV coating to safeguard the printed ink and improve weather resistance. Our magnet sheets have a tensile strength of 700 psi, roughly 49 kg/cm2. 

Magnum Magnetics magnet sheet products are a popular choice for our clients because of three key benefits:

  • Efficiency: Setting up advertising displays, creative works and signs is a quick and easy job with this convenient material.
  • Reliability: Our magnetic sheeting is strong, durable and made for optimum performance. A strong magnetic pull and a dependable adhesive layer mean both magnetic sheets will stay in place no matter what.
  • Versatility: Customize your magnetic sheeting for advertising or decorating purposes. Magnum Magnetics can put any design you want on your magnetic sheeting to create a material that looks the part and works better than most other thin magnetics.

Use magnetic sheeting in creative ways

Creative Magnetic Sheet Uses

You can use magnetic sheets in creative ways to enhance how you advertise your business, interact with customers and clients, and decorate your commercial space. Creativity is what makes you stand out from the crowd and be memorable. Our products can be used for many purposes, and you might be surprised by what a touch of creativity and some magnetic sheeting can accomplish.

Business Uses

What are magnetic sheets used for in business? They are often used for signage and displays as well as advertising purposes. Here are more creative ideas for how to use magnetic sheets at your organization.

  • Signage: Magnetic sheeting is the perfect tool for putting up business signage. With strips of magnetic sheeting, you can place signs throughout your commercial premise. Directions, message boards, room labels and even toilet signs are commonly held up by magnetic tape and sheets. If you want to get creative with this idea, you can create signs out of magnetic sheeting. This material is available in a variety of colors, and due to its lightweight and flexibility, it can be cut into different shapes like paper. 
  • Advertising: Print creative ads for your business on magnetic sheets and place them anywhere. You can put them on cars, hand out magnetic logos to customers or place them throughout your commercial space. Create immersive branding communications and advertising by playing around with the conventional use of customized magnetic sheeting. Customers are more likely to remember an advertisement when it's creatively placed in the right spots.
  • Menu and message boards: Create magnetic boards with magnetic sheets. Display menu items, show messages and advertise specials by using magnetic letters on a board made of magnetic sheeting. The messages on your boards can be something new every day. Inspirational messages, reminders of upcoming events and the latest office news can be a fun twist on using magnetic sheeting in an office space.
  • Productivity-boosting tools: The best way to use magnetic sheets in a work environment is to give them a practical purpose. Magnetic boards can also be used to boost productivity and organization. Turn magnetic boards into a brainstorming tool, calendar or notice board for important reminders. You can also offer this cost-effective tool to employees to use however they see fit.

Decorative uses for magnetic sheeting

Decorative Uses

Magnets have a lot of decorative potential both at home and at work. With the right mindset, you can use magnetic sheeting to create a variety of creative decorations and crafts.

  • Picture frames: Use the various colors of magnetic sheeting to create colorful magnetic picture frames. Making memories is the best part of being together as a family, and picture frames give you a place to store those memories and keep them top of mind. Spend time crafting frames that can be hung on the fridge and other metal surfaces around the house. Being lightweight and easy to use makes our magnetic sheets the perfect crafting material.
  • Hanging posters: To stick a poster on the wall, most people use standard adhesives or tacks and nails. The problem with this method is that when you want to remove the poster, it's easy to accidentally tear it. Plus, nails and tacks put permanent holes in your poster and wall. With magnetic sheeting, you can preserve your poster and easily take it down or move it without tearing. Stick small strips to your wall in the shape of the poster and then use a second magnet to stick the poster to the wall and frame it with the magnets.
  • Custom fridge magnets: A fun crafting project for your kids is making your own fridge magnets. Because magnetic sheets are similar to paper, they can be shaped and customized to look like anything. Help your children cut and shape their own magnets and show off their work to the world. You can even use the magnets to hang up their drawings and photos on the fridge.
  • Notepad: Write down notes, to-do lists, shopping lists and recipes and hang them on your fridge with magnetic strips. Using regular fridge magnets takes up a lot of space. Keep your fridge door tidy while optimizing the amount of magnetic space you can use with small strips of magnetic sheeting.

DIY Uses

Woodworking and DIY projects can be optimized with a creative mind and magnetic sheeting. Check out these helpful hacks and inventive ideas to simplify work around the house.

  • Magnet broom: When working with metal, nails or screws, it's easy to drop them and make a mess. A magnetic broom is a tool that makes cleaning up metal a breeze. All you need is a broomstick, a plastic bag, a metal jar lid and some strips of magnetic sheeting. Glue the jar to the end of the stick, then attach the bag to the jar using the adhesive layer of your magnetic strips. Now you can use your new invention to attract metal objects into the bag, which can then be removed and thrown away.
  • Drilling hacks: When you drill into metal and make metal shavings, it can be tricky to find them all when cleaning up. By surrounding the area you're drilling with magnetic sheeting, you can catch all the filings and metal shavings. The magnetic sheet will collect the metal debris and greatly reduce the time and effort needed to clean up.
  • Labels: Keep your toolbox and workshop organized by labeling everything using magnetic strips. Our flexible magnetic sheets can be used to properly label your toolbox drawers and keep your workspace neat. 
  • Tool belt: You can make yourself a practical DIY tool belt using magnetic sheeting strips. Take an old belt or some clothes you often do DIY work in. Apply magnetic tape to strategic parts of your belt or waist to hang your metal tools for easy access. With the strength and durability of our magnetic sheeting, this creative life hack will work just as well as any tool belt you can find. 
  • Cupboard optimization: Keeping your tool drawers and cupboards organized can sometimes be tricky to manage. Get creative with how you organize your cupboard space using magnetic sheeting. For example, you could hang your drill bits up according to size, arrange tools by use, magnetize nails near your hammer or use magnetic strips to group tools by project. 
  • Magnetic screwdriver: Did you know that you can easily magnetize the end of your screwdriver? Using a screwdriver in tight places can often be awkward to handle, especially when you have to hold the screw in place. You can magnetize the tip by placing a small strip of magnetic sheeting on your tool. Wrap the magnetic side of the sheet around the shaft of your screwdriver, and the tip will become magnetized.
  • Group nails and screws together: When working with nails, screws and different screw sizes, they can often be misplaced or fall on the floor. Stick small strips of magnetic sheeting near your work surface to keep nails and screws in place. When using multiple types and sizes of screws, you can group them by size using more than one strip.
  • Cord organizer: Cords can become tangled quickly, especially with more involved setups. Use magnetic sheeting to secure and organize your cables and wires. Keep your most used charger cables accessible by taping them to something with magnetic sheeting. Arrange them so their heads are showing so you know which cable to grab as soon as you need it.

Other magnetic sheeting ideas

Other Ideas

Here are some extra ideas for creative and useful hacks that are simple and effective for anyone to make with magnetic sheets.

  • Bookmark: A magnetic bookmark is a clever life hack that ensures you never lose your page again. Create a custom bookmark or use your favorite one for this craft. First, attach a metal clip to the front of your book, then add some magnetic sheeting to your bookmark. The result is a self-closing book that securely keeps your bookmark in place no matter what. You can double up and use a clip on the top and bottom part of your book cover for an even more secure grip.
  • Jewelry: Create some interchangeable necklaces or bracelets with strips of magnetic sheeting. Make yourself or a loved one a bracelet or necklace with a blank piece of metal roughly the size of a coin. Add some magnetic sheeting to this piece of metal so you can add coins, bottle caps and small pieces of decorative metal onto the necklace or bracelet. Now you have a piece of jewelry that can be changed every day.
  • Toys: Attach strips of magnetic sheeting to the back of blocks, marbles, old toys and almost anything else to make a creative new toy. Create puzzles and pictures using these magnetized items and any metal surface for a fun new way to play with old toys. You can even use magnets to form a homemade abacus to help teach young kids math in a fun, visual way. 
  • Activity boards: Activity boards can be used for education and entertainment purposes. You can attach magnetic sheet strips to letters to teach the alphabet, write messages and practice spelling. You can also magnetize different shapes to create an artboard for children to build images with. 
  • Keep trash bags secure: When using a metal waste bin, stick magnetic strips to the rim and the trash bag to keep it in place. When it's time to throw the bag away, you can easily take it off the bin. This is a practical way to keep your trash cans tidy and manageable. If you have metal kitchen counters, you can attach a bag with magnetic sheeting strips to it for an accessible bin to throw vegetable peels and scraps away while you cook.
  • Organization tools: There are several creative ways to utilize magnetic sheets to optimize your organization. Spruce up your kitchen with a magnetic wall mount for your knives and other tools. You can repurpose an old cutting board by attaching magnetic sheet strips to hold your metal kitchenware. Magnetic sheeting can also be used to create a labeled key rack. You can make magnetic labels out of the sheeting and use them for a weekly planner or chore list.

Get Creative With Magnum Magnetics

Unlock your creativity with the limitless potential of magnetic sheeting products from Magnum Magnetics. Whether it's for your business, your home or just for fun, it's important to be able to trust the magnets you choose. Our easy-to-use magnetic sheeting is made in the USA from top-quality materials and high-strength magnets. These versatile magnetic sheets enable you to explore your creativity at work and at home.

At Magnum Magnetics, we use our industry knowledge and experience to find innovative ways for you to get more from our products. For custom printing on your magnetic sheets and other products, get in touch with our team.

Get creative with magnetic sheeting