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Why does thin magnetic sheeting work better

Why Does Thin Magnetic Sheeting Work Better?

A common belief in the magnetic sheeting industry is that the thickness of a magnet determines its strength — the thicker the magnet, the more powerful its attraction.

This general rule still holds true, but advanced technology has allowed manufacturers to create thin magnetic sheeting that's stronger than thicker alternatives. For example, thin, flexible magnetic sheeting can hold high energy in half the thickness of 30-mil regular-strength magnets for vehicle signage.

Learn more about the benefits of thin magnetic sheeting and its most common uses.

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The Advantages of Thin Magnets

Thin magnetic sheets have many benefits for corporate applications. Due to their lightweight, they pose a few distinct advantages over thicker magnets — for example, operators can more easily load thin magnetic sheets into wide-format printers in print shops. There's less chance of feeding wear and tear. The lighter weight of thin magnets also reduces shipping costs.

The best uses for thin magnets

The Best Uses for Thin Magnets

Thin magnets can come in all shapes and sizes to fit your needs. Some of the most common applications for thin magnets include:

  • Engaging signs: Flexible magnetic rubber sheets are the perfect tools to build your next sign and update it quickly when you're ready to make a new announcement. 
  • Labels: Magnetic labels offer a convenient way to organize your warehouse or retail location. You can simply stick labels onto product shelves, inventory areas, or metal filing cabinets and rearrange them as needed. 
  • Custom advertisements: You can also use thin magnets to display marketing signs customized with your business's design, color scheme, and logo. 
  • Visual displays: Visual displays are the perfect way to showcase your brand's media and artwork to attract attention. Thin magnets are light to move, easy to store, and durable over time. 
  • Die-cut magnets: Die-cut magnets allow you to create small, custom shapes like business cards and logos to share with your customer base or proudly display in your office.

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