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EnGage Magnetic Receptive

DigiMaxx® EnGage - Magnetic Receptive Media  

DigiMaxx EnGage is an easy-to-install printable magnetic receptive media that is durable and has excellent adhesion. EnGage media is engineered with an optimized surface for superior print quality and offers a neutral white point. EnGage provides an impressive array of benefits from large format printer compatibility and no edge chipping without sacrificing performance at an affordable price point. EnGage lightweight magnetic receptive material is ideal for multiple schools, homes, offices, or retail applications.

About Our Printable Magnetic Media

Printable magnetic receptive paper is engineered with an optimized surface for ultimate printing quality. This receptive paper can be up to 60 inches wide to support larger graphics, and its neutral white point surface ensures your colors are vibrant and eye-catching. 

The naturally receptive surface means no coatings are required. Receptive materials are cut with ease, so you can sidestep edge chipping and eliminate delamination. Pages have a smooth backside, so you can stack and store paper without scratching your printed designs. The surface is also easy to clean, so you can clear your image of fingerprints and smudges without leaving a residue behind.

You can install our printable magnetic media easily without professional help. It's compatible with most printers, including eco-solvent, UV, and latex. 

Applications for Magnetic Receptive Media

Magnetic receptive paper can be useful in a range of applications. Use them for:

  • Signage: Print out branding materials and important messaging on magnetic receptive paper. Add magnets to the design for changeable design elements you can move wherever you choose.
  • Point-of-purchase (POP) displays: POP displays are an excellent way to show off new products and reel in customers. Create design elements with printable magnetic media, and use magnets to add changing information, like prices and sales.
  • Menu boards: Menus change regularly, and magnetic receptive media makes it easy to switch out information. Print permanent items on receptive paper and change specials or prices with printed magnets.
  • Interior design: Using magnetic receptive paper for interior design adds a range of possibilities to your design vision. Vibrant colors make this paper a stunning, standalone piece of artwork, while magnetic capabilities allow you to add additional layers for extra visual appeal. 


Truly Affordable
 Significant savings over existing magnetic receptive products in the market

Up to 60" Wide
 Maximize output speeds on larger graphics

Superior Print Quality
 Reliable, consistent and proven print surface

No Coatings Required
 Naturally receptive print surface –no need for top-coating

Easy to Clean
 Fingerprints and other minor blemishes are easily cleaned without residue

No Edge Chipping
 Material that cuts smooth without delamination

Smooth Backside
 Eliminate scratches on prints when stacked or rolled up

Universal Compatibility
 One material for most printers and inks–Eco-Solvent, UV and Latex*

Easy Installation
 Roll it up and roll it on–no professional installation required

Backwards Compatible
 No need to change your existing fixtures–EnGage will adhere to existing magnet

EnGage Specifications:

 EnGage Magnetic Receptive Media
 Total Thickness 11 mil. (+/- 1 mil.) 54" x 100'  Digital/Inkjet  Solvent, UV-Cured,
 Gloss Level 11 GU (60 degrees)    Litho/Offset  UV-Cured
 Dyne Level 33 - 35 60" x 100'  Screen  Solvent, UV-Cured
 Storage Conditions 50% RH/70°F    
 Shelf Life 1 year    
*Inks have been tested and perform well. We recommend testing the product for all intended applications and print technologies.

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