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Tips for using printable magnetic sheets.

Tips for Using Printable Magnetic Sheets

Magnets are everywhere in our daily lives. You can find them on refrigerators, cars, whiteboards, and more. That's why the experts at Magnum Magnetics created this helpful guide of tips for using printable magnetic sheets. These products offer an easy way to customize magnets quickly with anything from colorful logos to office supply labels.  

Whatever your magnet needs, Magnum Magnetics is here to help you learn more and provide you with the highest-quality magnet products. 

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Check Printer Compatibility

The number one tip for printing on magnetic sheets is to check your printer's compatibility. The magnetic sheet material can only withstand a maximum temperature of 70 degrees. Laser printers can generate more than this amount, so it's important to use an inkjet printer when printing directly onto the sheet.

There are several specific types of printers compatible with printable magnets. For example, Magnum Magnetics sheets are compatible with inkjet, screen, offset HP Indigo, Xerox, Kodak NexPress, Xanté, Oki, Ricoh, and Konica Minolta printers. 

A few of these options include flexo, offset, digital, screen, wide format, and desktop printers. Each printer has unique requirements and capabilities. For example, you can create magnetized direct marketing materials with sheets specially designed for the offset printing press.

Before Printing on a Magnetic Sheet, Consider Mil Thickness

It's also critical to ensure you use the correct magnet thickness for your application. Outdoor magnets usually need a greater thickness than indoor magnets for durability. Manufacturers measure magnet thickness by a unit called a mil, which is one-thousandth of an inch.

Some examples of the mil thickness of magnets across applications include: 

  • Home: A label organizer would take a 60-mil magnet, and a dry-erase whiteboard would take a 20-mil magnet. 
  • Office: A business card magnet can range from 12 to 60 mils in thickness. 
  • Warehouse: A dry-erase scheduling board would need a 30-mil magnet. 

Use Vinyl Laminated Sheeting

In the past, printers could only print directly on vinyl, and some still do today. Unfortunately, this process is costly and challenging because you must print the magnet in one step and then laminate it in another. Also, printing on vinyl often causes fraying at the edges of the magnet and peeling and delamination of the top layer. 

Companies like Magnum Magnetics can now offer direct printing onto coated and uncoated vinyl laminates. We can print the magnet with lamination in a single step to avoid issues and move faster, resulting in efficiency and convenience.

Consult With Experts at Magnum Magnetics

Want one-on-one help with your magnetic needs? At Magnum Magnetics, we provide consulting services on customization, logistics, and production/processing. We also have 100% American-made products and outstanding customer service for high-quality permanent magnets.

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