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6 Ways to Use Magnets Within Your Business

Magnets can be powerful, practical means of advertising your business. Unlike flyers or paper cards, magnets stick around on filing cabinets or refrigerators, reminding people about your company and what you offer. Using magnets in your business is easy, especially when you have the option of printing anything onto flexible magnetic material. 

1. Magnetic Business Cards 

Magnetic business cards last much longer than cardstock-printed cards. You can include the same information on the magnetic business card that you do on paper cards, so you don’t have to change templates for printing.

Magnetic business cards surpass paper alternatives in multiple ways. First, paper cards tend to become lost inside wallets, rarely seen again. With a magnetic business card, the recipient can place it in a prominent location, such as a filing cabinet in the office or refrigerator. Such locations ensure people see the information on the magnet multiple times a day, increasing the exposure of your business name and information. A family of three could see your business information up to 11,000 times a year by putting your magnet onto their refrigerator. 

Additionally, the durable, flexible magnetic material lasts much longer than paper cards. Those who receive your business cards printed on magnetic material will keep them longer because the cards are more durable. 

2. Trade Show Swag

Swag at trade shows gives participants a tangible reminder of companies they encounter at the event. You want to hand out practical, durable, and eye-catching goods. Pass out magnets with your company logo and information at a trade show for a lasting piece people will retain after the event. 

Magnets have practical purposes in the office and at home. For instance, many dry-erase boards in conference rooms accommodate magnets. Encourage using your company magnets to hold notes on announcement boards or conference room boards. You’ll give trade show attendees a practical solution for posting messages that won’t put holes in a wall while advertising your company to them and their co-workers. 

Many types of trade show swag get lost after the event. People quickly discard unused lanyards, notepads, and keychains. They only use promotional pens until the ink runs out. Magnets don’t lose their ability to stick to metal and are practical for holding paper on metal surfaces. Their practical nature and durability make magnets a better trade show option than other types of swag.

3. Magnetic Mailers

Why send flyers in the mail that will immediately go into the trash or recycling bin? Send practical magnets with your business logo and contact information instead. Magnets are small and thin enough to require the same postage and envelope size as paper flyers. Upgrading your direct mail marketing to magnets only costs the price of vinyl magnets and printing.

While requiring the same postage as cardstock or paper flyers, magnets still have slightly thicker dimensions and heavier weights. These properties can raise the chances of the recipient opening the envelope to find out the source of the unusual weight. Anything that gets a recipient to open their direct mail envelope raises the chances they will see your company’s name and logo. 

The practical nature of magnets means that, even if a homeowner doesn’t think they will use your services or products, they still have a chance of using your magnetic mailer for their refrigerator, which they will see daily. 


4. Free Gifts for Customers 

Include magnets with your customers’ purchases as free gifts. Since they’ve already made a purchase, they have a greater chance of patronizing your company again. Having your company information on a magnet posted on their refrigerator keeps your business’s name in their minds regularly. The small investment in printable magnets and printing your information on them will return with repeat business from former customers who get free magnets from you. 

5. Car Magnets 

You don’t need to create permanent changes to customize a car for your business. Any vehicle can become a rolling representative for your company with a car magnet. Print your company’s name and logo onto a large magnet to place on the vehicle's doors. The magnets hold firmly, even when driving at highway speeds. Plus, you can easily remove them without causing any damage to the car's exterior. 

If your company has delivery drivers, these magnets are easy, damage-free ways for customers to identify vehicles bringing their goods. 

Additionally, car magnets are a much cheaper alternative to painting or vehicle wraps for company fleets, whether it consists of one or multiple cars. When your company vehicles need replacement, they will have better resale value with a generic paint color than a customized painting of your company logo on them, letting you recover more money from vehicle investments.

Carefully choose your car magnet design to maximize the eye-catching ability of your vehicle’s advertisement and effectively convey your message. You want it to be colorful and informative. The right design will draw the attention of others sitting in traffic or walking on nearby sidewalks. Your car becomes a rolling billboard that exposes those around your vehicle to your business name and information. 

6. Around the Office 

Homeowners are not the only ones who can use magnets with your company business on them. Print practical solutions for around office spaces to advertise your company to other businesses. You may consider printing some of the following office solutions to encourage B2B trade or to educate your own employees: 

Calendars or Schedules 

Calendars are an effective solution, especially if you offer a seasonal product or service. For instance, if your company does HVAC services, you may want to note on the magnetic calendar times at the beginning of summer and winter for the magnet recipient to contact your business for HVAC system pre-season evaluations. 

Do you provide tax preparation services? Pass out calendars to businesses with special business tax filing dates and how you can help their company. 

If using calendars or schedules in-house, add important dates your team needs to know, such as circling dates for the annual company picnic or business holidays. 

Emergency Numbers

Not everyone has emergency numbers programmed into their phones or business phone systems. Passing out magnets with local emergency numbers on them raises the chances of someone placing the magnets in highly visible spaces. Whether you use this option in your business or give magnets with your company information and emergency data to other businesses, you provide a valuable service to those who use them.

Charts and References 

Charts and references, such as common kitchen measurements, unit conversions, or industry references printed on magnets, let users place the information in easy-to-see locations. Every time someone references a chart, they’ll see your business information. 

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Printable magnets are an easy way to create effective advertising that you customize with your business logo, slogan, information, and more. The low cost and potential for high return from using magnets in marketing make the decision an easy one. 

Upgrade your marketing methods with high-quality printable magnets today. Contact Magnum Magnetics for information on printable commercial magnets that let you create the perfect tool for getting your company name out there.