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Magnum Magnetics Prop 65 Compliant Non-Toxic

Non-Toxic. Every Day.

Many hands, big and small, will touch the magnets we produce. They may even end up in a child’s mouth by accident. Ever wonder what’s in them? You don’t have to worry if you use a flexible magnet from Magnum Magnetics. Our products comply with California Prop 65, and our home and office products conform to strict U.S. Toy Safety Standards for heavy metals content. We can also assure our customers that our products do not contain any conflict minerals.

Produced and tested in the United States, you can trust our flexible magnet. With everyone in mind, our plant and processes are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and highly organized. At Magnum, we’re doing our part to keep the kitchen safe and the world non-toxic and clean for everyone, big and small.

So what’s in your magnet?

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