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Why you should use magnets for events

Why You Should Use Magnets for Events 

Looking for a creative way to promote your business or get the word out about an event? Magnets have a staying power that traditional postcards, posters, and business cards don't. People can attach magnets to refrigerators, filing cabinets, and other surfaces and see a reminder of your brand each time they pass by. Take a look at some ways to use magnets for events and promotions.

Boost Advertising

Increase your advertising efforts by printing magnets before your next trade show or convention. Advertising magnets are available in custom shapes and sizes, so you can choose a design that reflects your brand and stands out from the crowd.

Distributing magnets at a trade show or other event creates excitement about your company. People love getting freebies, particularly when the items serve a practical purpose.

You can also print magnetic business cards to give out to leads. People are likelier to keep and use promotional magnets than paper flyers or postcards.

Raise Awareness

Magnets are excellent promotional tools, but their use goes beyond advertising. They can also help nonprofits or community organizations raise awareness about important issues. For example, an organization that promotes safety can distribute magnets with directions for basic first aid or the Heimlich maneuver. A heart health organization can hand out magnets that list the signs of a stroke or heart attack, so people know how and when to take action.

Share Reminders for Special Events

If your company or organization has a big event coming up, like a fundraising gala, you can use save-the-date magnets to remind people about the program. Magnets with dates for events can also help you spread the word about your company's recurring programming, such as an annual holiday party or sales dates. 

Magnets can also come in handy after an event as a souvenir. Event magnets give people boasting rights and serve as a reminder that they were at a party, fundraiser, or another program.

You can print special event magnets on DigiMag paper, which works in most standard desktop inkjet printers. 

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