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how do flexible magnets work

How Do Flexible Magnets Work?

Most people think of magnets as solid, rigid devices that attract and hold other objects that contain metal. A flexible magnet is a pliable variation of the standard item that has many uses in multiple industries, such as automotive, electronics, industrial equipment, and electrical power generation. 

What Is a Flexible Magnet?

As the name implies, these magnets can bend into various shapes and configurations. They're available in sheets you can cut into the appropriate size for your applications and longer, thinner magnetic strips that come in rolls. Most of these products consist of one magnetic side and one non-magnetic side. 

Since flexible magnets are bendable, they flex without breaking or sustaining damage. This resilient property can provide a permanent solution for fastening objects. You can also wrap them around parts, components, machinery, and equipment without concerns about long-term adhesion. You can even drill into the magnet without causing it to crack or degrade. 

The composition of most flexible magnets consists of vinyl or another synthetic substrate and a layer of a ferromagnetic compound, which is easily attracted to a powder-form magnet. A binding agent or adhesive is combined with the powder to enhance its ability to stick to the substrate. 

The first step in the flexible magnet manufacturing process entails heating the powder until it reaches its melting point. The powder passes over a fixture that magnetizes the strip or sheet as the powder cools. High pressure forces the material into a hardened die to produce the desired shape. 

How and Why Do Permanent Magnets Work?

Have you ever used a solid magnet to attract paper clips or iron filings? A flexible magnet implements a similar principle. It generates a magnetic field that attracts the ferromagnetic material within the object, and the force creates adhesion between the magnet and the item. The pliability of the magnet's substrate allows it to bend to an object's shape, ensuring a precise, secure fit. 

The magnet's pull force results from several factors, including the type of coating material applied during manufacturing and whether the surface sustains damage during or after manufacturing. A higher pull force enables the magnet to attract more material. 

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