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How can you clean a magnet

How to Clean a Magnet?

Magnets are common objects around the home, and just like other household objects, they need to be cleaned. You can wash magnets easily, and cleaning is important to keep them working as intended. Read our guide on how to clean a magnet and the products you'll need to do it. Get additional information from our clean & care page.

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What You Need to Clean a Magnet

Magnet cleaning requires certain supplies and solutions to get the best results. Using the wrong cleaning agents for magnets can damage the outer surface or wear the magnet down. Luckily, all you need to wash magnets correctly is some basic products you likely have on hand.

The best thing to clean magnets with is water and mild detergent. Choose one of these products as your cleaner:

  • Window cleaner
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • 1% Alconox detergent solution
  • Window cleaner and white vinegar

You will also need a couple of clean, soft cloths.

How to Clean a Magnet

Now that you have your cleaning product and cloth, follow these steps to remove buildup on your magnets:

  1. Wet one cloth in warm water and your chosen cleaner.
  2. Wipe the decal and magnet surfaces.
  3. Rinse the magnet in clean water.
  4. Use a new cloth to dry the magnet.

Why Clean Magnets?

Cleaning magnets are necessary because they collect debris, germs, dirt, and more with use. Magnets used outdoors or as a car decal should be cleaned regularly since magnets do rust when exposed to the elements.

Magnets need to be cleaned because they can:

  • Become dirty and dusty.
  • Collect germs.
  • Accumulate debris that can interfere with their magnetic field.
  • Acquire a buildup of substances and foreign objects that cause deterioration.

How Often Should You Clean a Magnet?

You should take the time to clean all your magnets regularly, though the ideal cleaning schedule depends on the magnet type. For instance, outdoor and car magnets should be cleaned more than refrigerator magnets. Cleaning once a week should help prevent buildup between the magnet and a metal surface.

Caring for Flexible Magnets

When you're not using your magnets, store them properly to keep them in good condition. You should keep your magnets in a clean, dry place. Follow these tips for each magnet type:

  • Rolled stock: Keep rolled stock on end to prevent flat spots.
  • Rolled sign material: Store rolled sign material on end with the printed vinyl on the outside.

Flat magnet: Stack flat magnets on a level surface, facing the magnetic sides away from each other. Keep other objects off the magnet stack since the object could damage the magnet's face.

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